2017 in Nordic IT

Soon, 2017 have passed and 2018 will be our new reality. But before that happens, let us look back upon a year of great experiences: We launched our new Android app, moved office space and expanded our hosting activities. Here we provide you with an insight into the highlights from 2017 in Nordic IT:

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Launch of the MARK5 Android app

After some start-up trouble we launched our new MARK5 Android app in the late spring of 2017 providing Android users the same easy access to MARK5 through mobile phones as iPhone users have had for some years now. The Android app was a natural addition to the MARK5 development, and the app has been heavily requested by a number of Android users. So it is great that we now provide both iOS and Android users MARK5 access through their mobile phones.
With the launch, we also added the MARK5 search in both the iOS and the Android version, meaning that users now have a quick way to relocate emails through mobile also.


New office space at Tuborg Harbour

In March, we moved our headquarter from Kgs. Lyngby to Tuborg Harbour in the northern part of Copenhagen, Denmark. Now, we enjoy the ocean view, being close to many of our Danish customers and the option to stop by customers anytime.



Since 2015, we have focused more and more on delivering a hosted solution to our customers, and this year many customers chose hosting of MARK5 instead of a server solution. A hosted solution is a great opportunity for companies without an IT Department to outsource and get MARK5 hosted externally. Today we have 26 customers on hosting and in 2017 the following customers chose a hosted solution from us: H. Folmer, Eastgate, BW Dry Cargo, AntibioTx, Wind Shipping, Otto Danielsen, Dservice, Wonsild, TSL, Njord Chart and BaltNav. We would like to welcome all of you to hosting, and we intend to focus even more on providing professional hosting solutions in the future.

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 New MARK5 customers

This year, we have had the pleasure of quite a few new customers, who have chosen MARK5 for emails. In this regard, we would like to welcome the following companies to MARK5: BaltNav, Bahri Bulk, Bahri Chemicals, BW Pacific, CanforNav, Celcius Shipping, Dservice, Euro Nordic Logistics, Fortuna Seaside Bulk Carriers, Gibson Shipbrokers, Interlink Maritime Corp, Kvarner Chartering & Logistics, Njord Chart, Navitramp Freight Agency, Prime Transport, Probulk Chartering, Reliance, Transmarine Navigation, United Maritime Logistics and Winning Alliance. We hope you enjoy MARK5 and look forward to working with all of you in the years to come.

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