5 ways to keep your data safe

Today, cybersecurity has become the number one priority for many businesses due to an increased number of data breaches. Cyber-attackers are so sophisticated that we can no longer depend on traditional security software without being extra precautious. We give you five ways to minimise security breaches and keep your data safe.


You must remember to keep your different software updated at all times to be able to keep your data safe. We know how tempting it is to just press ‘remind me later’, but the fact is that without updating, it will affect the security of your devices and leave a door to the data open. Updating is especially important when a new release is available, because most change logs and update notes reveal previously-known exploits that have already been patched – leaving your applications easy prey for cybercriminals. So, for your own sake, press update whenever you are reminded to.

Strong passwords

It is important that you create a strong password that will make it hard for cybercriminals to get through. A classic combination, such as your birthdate or initials, is extremely easy for cybercriminals to either guess or figure out. Instead, you should be creative and make your password strong by using different types of characters, letters, numbers, capital letters and symbols that have no connection to you, your pet or your family. A strong password has a minimum of 12-14 characters, but a longer password would be even better. If you are in doubt how strong or weak your password is, you can test it using the following link: https://howsecureismypassword.net


When dealing with a huge amount of data, it is important to keep it stored – not only on your computer, but also some place else if a cyber breach should happen. Regular backups, either in the cloud or on a desk, will save you a lot of trouble if data is stolen, encrypted externally or if cyber-attackers start to ask for a ransom to deliever the data back. It is a good idea to do this every day, depending on how much new data you have.

Stay alert

As you can never guard yourself completely by any security software solutions, it is extremely important for you to be aware and stay alert of any suspicious behaviour at all times. This means, that if you receive an email that seems malicious or fake, or you can see that something weird is happening to your computer, remember to tell your IT department, your boss or anyone else who can communicate the message to the rest of the company. Instead of keeping the suspicion to yourself, share it with the rest of the company. Maybe your busy co-worker is too stressed to notice and by your alertness a possible breach can be stopped. Related: Employees: The real cyber threat.

Lock it

To keep your data safe it is vital that you keep important files and data locked by creating sufficient safeguards like protected passwords. So, whenever you try to open high secret data, the computer asks you for a password to open it. In addition, it is a good idea to have a password to open your computer after the screensaver. The screensaver should pop up in no more than 20 minutes. This will help your data stay secure from being exposed. Related: Behind the scene with Service Manager Casper Thalund.

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