Breakbulk Europe 2018 – Snack track

It is yet again time for Breakbulk Europe, this year in Bremen.
Since we have participated in Breakbulk for the past few years, we know our way around the other exhibitors and their style.
That is why we have made you a Snack Track for Breakbulk Europe 2018. It is based in on what the stands have handed out in the past years. We can not promise that they will have the same snacks at Breakbulk 2018, but it is for sure worth stopping by to check out. Bon appetit!

The Snack Track Map
HALL 5, STAND 1349

Port of Rotterdam is your first stop on the Snack Track. They serve great coffee made by a barista in the early hours, and as the day passes and the mood gets festive, the coffee turns into large ice cold Gin & Tonics.

Hall 4, stand 408

When you are in the need for a quick snack before lunch, what is better than an icecream? At Magdenli Transport you get an icecream and a good laugh at the same time – we won’t spoil the surprise more than that.

Hall 5, stand 869

As lunch-time approaches, stop by Deugro for a homemade pizzaslice. They make different kinds of pizza so there is a slice for every taste. It makes out for a perfect light lunch.

Hall 5, stand 889

What better way to end the afternoon than with a sugary treat? At Nordic IT we serve cotton candy to go with our Las Vegas themed stand. If you are lucky, you might also go home with a prize.



Bring extra business cards to the exhibition. These are not only good for business associates, but also work as coupons for snacks and competitions.
At Breakbulk you will find great competitions at different stands – so bring your best luck.

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