Case: Team Tankers saved 1-2 hours of archiving emails everyday

About Team Tankers

Team Tankers International is a chemical tanker company located in Bermuda with its corporate headquarter in Westport, USA. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and ranks amongst the 10 largest chemical tanker operators in the world. Team Tankers is well known in the shipping industry as industry experts within chemicals: A field that requires a certain insight and expert knowledge to master – Something Team Tankers has acquired through years of both company experience and long time employees. Team Tankers transports cargo with a fleet consisting of 40 chemical tankers, they have 1250 crew members and 70 onshore employees working from five offices around the world. All onshore employees use MARK5 for emails.

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“We do not use any time archiving anymore. Before this system, we used a tremendous amount of time on archiving: Definitely around 1-2 hours everyday per employee. We don’t anymore”.

Jørgen-Ole Christensen – Senior Operations Manager

The problem: Filing up to 3000 emails into folders everyday

Back in 2013 Team Tankers was manually filing around 2-3000 emails per day. This procedure was very time consuming for employees, who were dragging and dropping all emails into folders. At the time, the company was using Outlook for emails, and because of the high amount, emails were hard to locate at a later time. To fix this, they developed a work flow, demanding employees to archive emails into certain folders to make it easier to retrieve specific emails at a later stage. The result: An endless number of folder structures, caused by employees who were creating different types. At the same time misplacements of mails into wrong folders made it impossible to retrieve emails at a later time: “When everyone is dragging and dropping, some emails will be dragged into the wrong folders, and then you will never find those emails again”, says Jørgen-Ole Christensen, Senior Operations Manager at Team Tankers International. The result was very long search time and lack of consistency in the folder structure. At the same time, employees were spending too much time archiving.

The search for a new system

“It came to a point, where Team Tankers had too many emails in Outlook to locate important mails” explains Casper Thalund, Head of Projects at Nordic IT. This forced Team Tankers to look for a new email system and eventually a test was set up onsite. With help from both Nordic IT and an external consultant, the test was carefully planned: A selected group of users in the Copenhagen office was chosen to test the system and help define how the teams should work with email. And the test played out quite successful: “After a test period, we learned that MARK5 would save us a lot of time, because we would stop filing emails all together” explains Jørgen-Ole Christensen. Furthermore, during the test, the very fast search function proved retrieval of any email really fast, indicating that the system would solve both of their major problems with email; archiving and retrieval of mails. This finally convinced Team Tankers to choose MARK5 for email management.

Company roll-out

For the company roll-out Team Tankers prepared a launch strategy to smoothen the transition. The strategy consisted of both a pre-defined work-flow and user training accompanied by mentoring from in-house super-users.
To align the work-flow in the company, Team Tankers was really strict in educating their users: “We dictated when and how employees should work in the system” Jørgen-Ole explains. Also training was carefully planned and just before the launch it was presented to all employees: “We had a training session of 3-4 hours explaining the overall concept of no filling needed. We also trained users in basic functionality”, he elaborates. After this training session users should be able to use the system on their own and within just one week, everyone was using it.

Already during the test period, the elected users had become highly skilled super-users, making them competent to assist and help colleagues during the transition from Outlook – thus making it much easier to implement the system for the rest of the company: “Because of the test period, the super-users were really well prepared when we finally rolled out the system to the rest of the users. They were very competent to help new users, which definitely also helped the implementation along” explains Casper Thalund.

“There really is no comparison to other email systems: I would recommend MARK5 anytime”.

Jørgen-Ole Christensen – Senior Operations Manager

No filing needed

Today it has been around four years since Team Tankers implemented the system – Something Jørgen-Ole is very pleased they did. He remembers employees using 1-2 hours per day filing emails. Something the migration have completely changed: “When we first started using the system, we felt a world of difference. We though we bought a new email system, but actually it was a brand new way of working – and only for the better. Today, we have a new company work-flow with no filing needed – all archiving has been excluded” says Jørgen-Ole Christensen. Instead, Team Tankers use the system to auto filter into specific ship-folders, where emails automatically go to the right folder and users only look in their own vessel folder, containing just the emails they need: “This way, we do not have to read 1400 emails every day, we just read what we need to read. And therefore, the system really is as tailored to shipping as it can be – although I am positive other industries could benefit from it as well. In the end, there really is no comparison to other email systems: I would recommend MARK5 anytime” Jørgen-Ole wraps up.

Features Team Tankers like


Even with a massive amount of emails, the system ensures extremely fast retrieval.


You can set the interface up in different ways that suit the way you want to work.


No more dragging and dropping – The filters sort emails into predefined folders.


Cut multiple text-pieces and paste them in as you wish to avoid going back and forward all the time.

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