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  • Nordic IT is ready to present a new email system for the maritime industry

    On February 22nd, Nordic IT launches the new email system reMARK: a redesign and a new interpretation of Nordic IT’s previous email system MARK5. The goal of the new design is thus to optimize the user interface and thereby give maritime email users the best working conditions.

  • Software testing: Why user involvement is so critical in test of reMARK

    Have you ever gotten completely lost when navigating a piece of software? How did it make you feel? It was probably because of limited user design. Good user design in many cases is a deal breaker in order to compete in this digital age.

  • Wagenborg Shipping, Trithorn Bulk and Eastern Bulk favour MARK5 for faster business operations

    Throughout the last few months, we have with great excitement onboarded and welcomed more users to MARK5. Wagenborg Shipping, Eastern Bulk and Trithorn Bulk are among our new clients who desired to improve and effectuate their maritime email communications in order to ensure faster and thereby more efficient workflows. A fast and frictionless email solution…

  • Impeccable user experience: A bottom-line investment

    Are you maximizing your investment in user experience (UX) by getting nearly 100 times of returns back on your investment? As more and more of our daily business activities and interactions are centered around digital products, it has never been more important to provide users with coherent and frictionless digital experiences that are aligned with…

  • reMARK new email system

    Introducing the next generation of email: reMARK

    Finding solutions to help users in MARK5 work even smarter has been under way! Needless to say, we are proud to finally announce the introduction of the new generation of MARK5: reMARK. MARK5 has been redesigned, transformed and developed into a new generation of email designed to fit the future requirements of maritime communications.

  • First day back in the office

    The summer is about to come to an end and so is the vacation. Some people dread the first day back at the office and some people can’t wait. But either way, we all go through the same steps in the transition from sipping G&T’s at the beach side to getting back in business.

  • Shipping classics

    5 shipping classics to bring on your vacation

    It is vacation season and time to relax away from work. But if you cannot put the shipping industry too much on hold on your vacation, we have gathered the 5 shipping classics you should pack in your suitcase.

  • Summer GIF: 5 things you can do when you are alone in the office

    Being alone at the office sound quite boring. But not anymore – here are 5 things you can only do while everyone else is on vacation.

  • What does GDPR mean to your personal data? – a GIF story

    GDPR has been a frequent term in your inbox – but that do not necessarily mean that you are aware of what is mean to your personal data. This is your guide to GDPR – told in GIFs.

  • MARK5: A GDPR compliant product

    The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently came into force. Which means that it is now necessary and essential for almost all businesses to consider to which extent their employees and customers are engaging with digital products on a daily basis, and if they are in compliance with the new data security and personal…