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About TORM

Founded in 1889, TORM is a well established Copenhagen-based shipping company that owns and operates tankers and bulk carriers all around the world. The company’s tankers carry refined oil products and dry cargo. Throughout the last 126 years, the company has been operating a large and modern fleet, and today the company owns around 100 ships. To date, TORM has connected millions of cargo with ships – a connection that can only happen through email. Since 2013, TORM has used MARK5 for email management.

The Problem:

Unstructured High Volume Email Flow

TORM, like any other shipping company, depends heavily on email and handles thousands of incoming and outgoing emails every day. This means that their email system is business-critical and crucial to their daily workflow.

The team previously used the IBM Notes system, but due to the high volume of emails they receive every day in a number of departments, the IBM Notes mailboxes reached their max size of 64gb every other month. To solve these storage issues, TORM attempted to develop a customized version of IBM Notes to fit their needs, but unfortunately, this caused further frustration. The system lacked support, and corrupted emails occurred due to poor coding, causing TORM to acknowledge they needed a new system to handle the high volume of emails.

The Search for an Email Solution

Due to their issues with IBM Notes, TORM formed a group project to find a business email solution. Microsoft Exchange was an option, but TORM recognized that this platform was not suitable for high volume email. It was at this point that TORM decided to look for a product that would not obly be able to handle high volume emails, but also one that was capable of automating the flow. 


Upon discovering MARK5, TORM decided to move forward with a test installation, and the rest was history. TORM has used Mark5 ever since.

Torm Case Study Boat Pipes
Torm Case Study Boat

The Company Roll-Out

The next step was to get all TORM users onboard (no pun intended). To make sure these users had a great first impression of the new email system, and to ensure maximal return on investment, the implementation was carefully planned between Nordic IT and TORM. 

First, ‘Super Users’ were chosen. They received special training where they received advice and suggestions on how to improve their daily email workflow. 

“The implementation strategy at TORM was a procedure we use for all bigger projects. From our experience, this is a well-tested procedure of best practice combined with strict project management that ensures the customer’s migration to the system is a success” says Casper Thalund, Head of Projects at Nordic IT. Stefan Shuller agrees: “This part with the Super Users has worked very well”.


After all Super Users were fully migrated on to the new email system, the remaining End Users at TORM needed to be migrated to the platform as seamlessly as possible: “We had Nordic IT trainers on-site around the globe” says Vikas Shah, Head of IT Asia at TORM. This, combined with two days of hyper-care with Nordic IT present on the floor during work hours, made sure users quickly became comfortable with MARK5 and started reaping the benefits of the email system right away.

How our Email Solution Solved Team Tankers Email Problems

The system’s primary task at TORM was to solve their problem with high-volume and unstructured email control. Because the IMG Notes mailboxes had reached their max size, they slowed down and triggered a manual archiving process performed by team members that cost the company a lot of man-hours. Migrating to MARK5 stopped the manual filtering completely: 

“Before, users had to drag and drop emails to folders and everybody was doing everything by hand. With the implementation of MARK5, it is 99% automated. Emails automatically go to the right folder, and people only have to look in their own vessel folder where they get the correct emails. They only get to see the information they need to see because of the smart set up” Vikas Shah explains.

The result? TORM streamlined their email flow processes and team members can work much more efficiently without wasting time on manual filing: “Our Tanker Operations department claim they save 1+ hour per operator per day. Which is a very good result”, says Stefan Shuller. So after having implemented the system, TORM has not only solved their problem managing high volume email, their users also get a tool that keeps them focused on actual business, saving them hours every day.

“The system has proven to be a stable platform and has been perfectly capable of handling the high volume unstructured email flow we have at TORM” Stefan Shuller wraps up.

TORM's Favorite Email Features


This feature is very popular at TORM - users can assign tasks to others by adding emails and notes to their work tray. This feature allows users to enjoy their vacations without being disturbed - they will see their tasks in the work tray immediately when they open the system.


TORM users like that they can see the complete history of an email. At a glance, users can view actions to see who has read, filed, replied and answered. That way, users are always up to date and do not have to work on something a colleague has already done.


At TORM, the search functionality is a user favorite. In the shipping industry, there is a lot of email history that you need to catch up on fast. The speed of MARK5 gives users a competitive edge.


Another feature that TORM users love is the mobile app. TORM did not have this in the IBM Notes environment, but with MARK5, users can access their email through mobile devices, which makes it easier for users to work on the go even in a shared environment and through department email addresses.

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Team Tankers Case Study









“Before this system, each employee spent around 1-2 hours of archiving emails every day. Now, we don’t spend any time archiving emails at all”.

Jørgen-Ole Christensen

– Senior Operations Manager

About Team Tankers

Team Tankers International is a chemical tanker company located in Bermuda with its corporate headquarters in Westport, USA. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and ranks amongst the 10 largest chemical tanker operators in the world. 

Team Tankers is well known in the shipping industry as industry experts within chemicals: A field that requires a certain insight and expert knowledge to master – something Team Tankers has acquired through years of both company experience and long-time employees. 

Team Tankers transports cargo with a fleet consisting of 40 chemical tankers, they have 1250 crew members and 70 onshore employees working from five offices around the world. All onshore employees use our MARK5 software for emails.

The Problem:

Filing up to 3000 Emails Into Folders Every Day

Back in 2013, Team Tankers was manually filing around 2-3000 emails per day. This procedure was very time consuming for employees, who were dragging and dropping all emails into folders. At the time, the company was using Outlook for emails, and because of the sheer amount of emails, they were hard to locate at a later time.

In an attempt to fix this, Team Tankers developed an internal workflow, demanding employees to archive emails into certain folders to make it easier to retrieve specific emails at a later stage. This resulted in way too much time spent archiving emails, and an endless number of structures, caused by employees who were creating different types of folders. Also, accidental misplacements of emails into the wrong folders made it impossible to retrieve emails at a later time.

“When everyone is dragging and dropping, some emails will be dragged into the wrong folders, and then you will never find those emails again”.

Jørgen-Ole Christensen

– Senior Operations Manager

The Search for an Email Solution

“It came to a point where Team Tankers had too many emails in Outlook, making it extremely difficult to locate the important ones” explains Casper Thalund, Head of Projects at Nordic IT. This forced Team Tankers to look for a new email solution, and eventually, a MARK5 (now reMARK) test was set up onsite. A selected group of users in the Copenhagen office were chosen to use the system and help define how the teams should work with email. 

During the test, automated archiving was set up and the powerful search feature retrieved important emails in a split second. The result? Team Tankers chose to proceed with MARK5 for their email management solution. 

“After a test period, we learned that MARK5 would save us a lot of time because we would stop filing emails all together”

Jørgen-Ole Christensen

– Senior Operations Manager

The Company Roll-Out

Team Tankers prepared a launch strategy to smoothen the transition. 

The strategy consisted of both a pre-defined work-flow and user training accompanied by mentoring from in-house super-users.

To align the work-flow in the company, Team Tankers was really strict in educating their users: 

“We dictated when and how employees should work in the system” Jørgen-Ole explains. Also, training was carefully planned, and just before the launch it was presented to all employees: 

“We had a training session of 3-4 hours explaining the overall concept of no filling needed. We also trained users in basic functionality”, he elaborates. After this training session, users should be able to use the system on their own and within just one week, everyone was using it.

Already during the test period, the elected users had become highly skilled super-users, making them competent to assist and help colleagues during the transition from Outlook – thus making it much easier to implement the system for the rest of the company: “Because of the test period, the super-users were really well prepared when we finally rolled out the system to the rest of the users. They were very competent to help new users, which definitely also helped the implementation along” explains Casper Thalund.

“There really is no comparison to other email systems: I would recommend MARK5 anytime”.

Jørgen-Ole Christensen

– Senior Operations Manager

How our Email Solution Solved Team Tankers Email Problems

It has been over five years since Team Tankers implemented NordicIT’s email system – a decision Jørgen-Ole is still very pleased about. “When we first started using the system, we felt a world of difference. We thought we bought a new email system, but actually, it was a brand new way of working – and only for the better. Today, we have a new company work-flow with no filing needed – all archiving has been excluded” says Jørgen-Ole Christensen.

Team Tankers use our solution to auto-filter into specific ship-folders, where emails automatically go to the right folder and users only look in their own vessel folder, containing just the emails they need. Jørgen-Ole Christensen says “This way, we do not have to read 1400 emails every day, we just read what we need to read. And therefore, the system really is as tailored to shipping as it can be – although I am positive other industries could benefit from it as well.”

“In the end, there really is no comparison to other email systems: I would recommend MARK5 anytime”

Jørgen-Ole Christensen

– Senior Operations Manager

Team Tankers’ Favorite Email Features


The system ensures extremely fast retrieval of emails, filtering through millions of emails instantly.


The system is customizable and flexible, allowing users to set the interface up in a way that suits them.


No more dragging and dropping - filters automatically sort emails into predefined folders.


Cut multiple text-pieces and paste them in as you wish to avoid going back and forth.

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