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  • What type of email user are you?

    Tell us how you use email, and we will let you know what type of user you are. This way we can reveal how you can improve your workday! Choose the answer…
  • Cloud Interview

    The cloud is a heavily discussed topic in the world of IT and business today. This makes it necessary for almost every company to consider if the cloud is the right thing…

  • Is your personal data safe in the cloud?

    Digital transformation has a way of not just changing technology, but impacting society as a whole by fostering technologies that make life easier and benefit society. Yet these same technologies can also…

  • How to choose the right cloud service

    Deciding which cloud service is the right for your business is not necessarily easy, with all the different services available today.

  • Cloud hosting vs. Server hosting

    The choice of cloud hosting vs. server hosting has become an eternal topic of discussion.

  • When, where and what about cloud services

    With the rapidly growing technology surrounding us today, new technology like “the cloud” is arising and developing all the time.