Going Global: Tips for Working With a Team Across Time Zones

More and more businesses are expanding their operations globally. Whether simply working with clients abroad, remote working, or opening offices in different countries, business is an international affair. Working with people throughout different parts of the world is exciting and provides an abundance of benefits and learning opportunities, however, it also requires adaptation from both […]

New Nordic IT reMARK UI Improvements

Our goal at Nordic IT is to create email software for maritime teams that is constantly evolving to best fit the needs of the industry.  With that in mind, we listened to the needs of our reMARK users, and we are upgrading the UI experience even further by making the system easier to navigate with […]

Top 5 Email Productivity Tips to Organize Your Inbox

No matter where you work, it’s likely you’ve wasted many precious hours dealing with the dreaded overflowing email inbox. In the maritime industry, companies commonly receive thousands of emails per day–many of which are vital to their operations. Attempting to sort through the mass pile of messages to quickly find crucial information is enough to […]

Why reMARK Is The Best Collaborative Email Software For Your Business Team

remark by nordic IT logo

reMARK’s Best Collaborative Business Features Having an effective collaborative email software is the key to unlocking productivity in the maritime industry.  Communication is of the utmost importance, and as your inboxes are filled with endless amounts of emails day after day, we’ve all come to the conclusion that there is software that is much better […]

reMARK version 1.37 is Now Available!


We’ve launched several updates to make your reMARK experience even more secure, seamless and responsive. The iPhone App supports the new iOS version 14 and multi-factor authentication.  Improved User Experience The reMARK application now utilizes DirectX hardware acceleration, making it even more responsive. Drag and Drop processing has improved for Citrix users, allowing seamless file […]

How Maritime Leaders use reMARK to Archive Emails

how maritime leaders use email archiving

In the Maritime industry, it’s no secret that shipping companies are getting thousands of emails each day. Mid-sized companies can get anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 emails each day, and  large international companies can receive up to 50,000 emails per day. The problem? Managing them is a daunting, time-consuming task. reMARK exists to solve this […]

Organize Your Department’s Inbox With Smart Folders

Organize Your Department’s Inbox With Smart Folders Your inbox can often be overwhelming, filled with dozens or even hundreds of unread emails and notifications. Cleaning it up, responding to every email in a timely manner and staying up to date are struggles many departments face. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are individuals […]

The History of The Maritime Industry: How Container Shipping Changed The World


The History of The Maritime Industry: How Container Shipping Changed The World Container shipping. It is the backbone of the global economy, moving $4 trillion worth of goods every year – from clothes and food to medicine and heavy machinery. How did we get here, exactly?  According to Ancient Maritime History, the first boats are […]