A future perspective on reMARK: reimagining the IT infrastructure

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A future perspective on reMARK: reimagining the IT infrastructure Technology evolution has become faster as alterations, change and rapid adaption are the new norm in enterprise software application development. Within the past decade, enterprise software applications have undergone an impressive evolution thanks to a combination of technology and the demands of users. Thus, causing software providers […]

Congratulations to the winner of our reMARK launch competition

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Congratulations Jonas Nissen from BW Dry Cargo is the lucky winner of our reMARK launch competition. Jonas gave the best testimonial on his favourite reMARK feature: The mobile functionality.  Jonas is the winner of an entire day of free IT consultancy with one of our service technicians.

Join us for the launch of reMARK

JOIN NORDIC IT FOR: The official reMARK launchFor some time we have been working on a redesign of MARK5 and it is with great pride that we present our new email system: reMARK. We feel like celebrating, therefore we would like to invite you to the official launch party of reMARK on February 22nd, 2019 […]

Software testing: Why user involvement is so critical in test of reMARK

Have you ever gotten completely lost when navigating a piece of software? How did it make you feel? It was probably because of limited user design. Good user design in many cases is a deal breaker in order to compete in this digital age. Hence, testing reMARK’s interface against user perceptions has been an essential part […]

reMARK is ready – Get the first sneak peek!

Are you ready for the next generation of maritime email communication? The wait is finally over! We are now all set and ready for you to experience the first preview of your new email system; reMARK. The new interface is at the moment undergoing the last user tests since a lot has happened the past […]

Introducing the next generation of email: reMARK

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Designed to fit the future Finding solutions to help users in MARK5 work even smarter has been under way! Needless to say, we are proud to finally announce the introduction of the new generation of MARK5: reMARK. MARK5 has been redesigned, transformed and developed into a new generation of email designed to fit the future […]

reMARK: A Maritime Email System by Nordic IT

remark maritime email system

Introducing reMARK: Powerful Maritime Email Software    Say hello to our powerful email software, reMARK. reMARK is an update from our MARK5 system – we have upgraded the look and improved the navigation in the system. Click below to experience  some of the key features, including the Team Overview comments section and tabs.      […]

reMARK: A GDPR compliant product

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  The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently came into force. Which means that it is now necessary and essential for almost all businesses to consider to which extent their employees and customers are engaging with digital products on a daily basis, and if they are in compliance with the new data security and […]