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  • Goldeneye cyberattack

    GOLDENEYE VIRUS A timeline over the latest cyberattack

  • 3 kinds of cyber-attacks that you must be aware of

    In the digitalised world we live in today where a lot of business is conducted online, we frequently hear about cyber-attacks in the news.

  • Business IT security

    Let Nordic IT optimize your security

    Protecting and managing data can be a difficult and complex procedure for many companies. That is why companies often outsource to IT companies, such as Nordic IT, who specialises in managing data…

  • Behind the scene with Service Manager Casper Thalund

    Are your curious to know how Nordic IT have chosen to handle the increasing cyber threat? Follow Service Manager, Casper Thalund, behind the scenes of Nordic IT and hear what he has…

  • Data Security

    5 ways to keep your data safe

    Today, cybersecurity has become the number one priority for many businesses due to an increased number of data breaches. Cyber-attackers are so sophisticated that we can no longer depend on traditional security…

  • Data Security - Employees handing key to cyber-criminal

    Employees: The real cyber threat

    Many might think of cyber threats as external, where vicious criminals try to break down a company’s security defence. But have you ever considered that cyber threats might occur from inside the company…