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  • Top 5 remarkable examples of user experience evolution

    In an ever-changing world of the Internet and digital trends, user experience design has evolved tremendously over the past couple of decades.

  • GIF: The history of user experience and how it has evolved over time

    The term user experience is a ever-changing field that dates all the way back to a few thousand years before Christ. Let us take a look at the past, understand the present and anticipate what will happen in the future to truly understand the history of user experience design.

  • Software testing: Why user involvement is so critical in test of reMARK

    Have you ever gotten completely lost when navigating a piece of software? How did it make you feel? It was probably because of limited user design. Good user design in many cases is a deal breaker in order to compete in this digital age.

  • Impeccable user experience: A bottom-line investment

    Are you maximizing your investment in user experience (UX) by getting nearly 100 times of returns back on your investment? As more and more of our daily business activities and interactions are centered around digital products, it has never been more important to provide users with coherent and frictionless digital experiences that are aligned with…

  • Can technology contribute to work-life balance?

    Technology has in many ways created new devices that enables us to communicate and work in a more efficient way. While there is a tendency to think that all of these new devices which surround us are blessings, there are also reasons to believe that the contrary may be true.

  • Top tech trends 2018

    2018 is approaching, which is why it is time to look forward and consider the new technologies that might hit us in 2018. This is also an opportunity for businesses to look into what new technologies might offer them.

  • How Internet of Things impact our everyday life

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a remarkable concept: In one way it is still very theoretical and in another way it is already a network that is used every single day.

  • Data storage through time

    Data storage through time

    Do you remember using the cassette tape? Or maybe you used to save your data on a floppy disk? Data has been stored in many different ways through time. We give you the complete overview – From the punch card in 1881 to the cloud in 2013.

  • Cloud Interview

    The cloud is a heavily discussed topic in the world of IT and business today. This makes it necessary for almost every company to consider if the cloud is the right thing to choose and also which business application is the right solution for a cloud implementation.

  • Is your personal data safe in the cloud?

    Digital transformation has a way of not just changing technology, but impacting society as a whole by fostering technologies that make life easier and benefit society. Yet these same technologies can also impact our lives in a more concerning way.