First day back in the office

The summer is about to come to an end and so is the vacation. Some people dread the first day back at the office and some people can’t wait. But either way, we all go through the same steps in the transition from sipping G&T’s at the beach side to getting back in business.

It starts a couple of days before when you realize what is about to happen: The first day back at the office is in less than a week.

You might feel like you have to get the most out these last few vacation days

Or perhaps you can’t wait to get back

However, this is normal – Everyone goes through the same steps upon facing the first day back at the office

1. Initially you might feel some sort of nostalgia. Goodbye to all those summer days driftin’ away and oh those summer nights

2. Then you realize that over the summer you have become a bit of a zen-king. You gonna keep those intentions during the fall

3. Which is when The clothing crisis kicks in. How will you get out of your holiday outfit and into a suit?

4. You will get over it and when you come into the office it is time to share those holiday anecdotes

…and of course sharing the holiday photos

5. Until the inevitable happens – Facing that big pile of emails

Luckily, if you are a MARK5 user, MARK5 has taken care of a lot of sorting for you.

6. By the time you go for an afternoon coffee you realize: You got this!

7. So you muster the last super powers you’ve got and before you know it, you are done with the first day back at the office

That is it – You are back in business!

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