Get more efficient by filtering your emails

It is commonly known that shipping companies receive hundreds of emails every day and spends a lot of resources sorting them. This is without a doubt the direct way to inefficiency. To solve the issue, the situation calls for a way to sort incoming emails in a more efficient way – but how?

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Let us use an example: One of our clients, Maersk Tankers, had a huge problem with email overload and to handle it they needed to implement effective filters. “To solve the problem we had to employ a team of six employees in Mumbai, to manual sort and filter our emails.”, says Simon Kruse, Head of Commercial Business Systems at Maersk Tankers.

But six employees in Mumbai handling email filters manually is not a very efficient way to solve the problem! This off course forced Maersk to come up with a better solution. The solution was MARK5. MARK5 now efficiently sorts and filters high volume email into predefined filters, executing manual filtering.

Maersk Tankers is now relieved that they have been able to release the team in Mumbai in favour of an automatic filter system. Something similar happened to our clients TORM when MARK5 helped them save 1+ hour per employee per day, just by moving from manual email dragging and dropping to automatic filtering.

It is commonly known that high volume email is one of the biggest challenges in shipping, but by implementing the right tools you can limit the challenges to a minimum and provide users with better conditions to perform in an efficient way.


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