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Hafnia is the world’s largest operator of product and chemical tankers in the world.

Beyond commercially operating a fleet of 251 vessels, including newbuilds, Hafnia is one of the only ship-owning tanker companies in the world to offer a fully integrated Shipping Platform that includes Technical Management, Pool Management across all types of tankers (Handy, MR, LR1, LR2, Chemicals and Specialized), and a Bunker Procurement desk – servicing not just Hafnia’s own fleet and Pool members, but other renowned shipowners.

Hafnia operates a global commercial platform with chartering teams across the world to secure optionality and flexibility for its clients. Hafnia’s in-house technical management team has a historically solid track record with all major charterers and a “Zero harm” policy.


Microsoft Outlook® Presented Significant Issues with Administration, Stability & More

Before moving to reMARK, Hafnia experienced some challenges with their previous email platform. The platform, Microsoft Outlook®, which operated with a 3rd party add-on had issues with administration, stability, data space/storage, and unplanned downtime. This caused a level of inefficiency and team frustration.

Additionally, the email platform was not necessarily user-friendly and caused confusion amongst team members. Overall, it was not an effective tool for Hafnia’s collaborative email needs.

Maritime ship with colorful containers sails on the ocean


Hafnia knew that they needed a solution that would be easy for their employees to use and was tailored to the shipping industry. After reviewing reMARK and one other email solution, it was clear that reMARK was the best option for them.

Hafnia commented that reMARK was easy to use and housed all the features that Hafnia needed to run their business in a more efficient

manner. Furthermore, the availability and responsiveness of the support team at Nordic IT was also factored into their decision to opt with reMARK. As a result, Hafnia was confident that reMARK would help them achieve their goals and improve communication within their company.


Once Hafnia made the switch to reMARK, the company-wide transition was a great success. Starting with 25 users, support and trainers came to Hafnia’s offices to help with the start-up phase for new users following initial training. As a result, the transition went very smoothly. With Nordic IT being entirely available to assist with support and training staff coming into the offices to ensure everyone was up to speed, Hafnia was very happy with the roll-out.

Everyone found reMARK to be incredibly intuitive, to the point where new users wouldn’t need to undergo additional training as the knowledge could be passed on. Everyone was able to use reMARK effectively, and even for someone who has never used reMARK, they could be up and running in a few hours.


reMARK Users
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reMARK was the perfect email solution for Hafnia. The platform solved departmental mail issues, provided more storage space, and ensured stability with no unplanned downtime.

Hafnia found reMARK helped employees be more efficient versus losing any time troubleshooting email issues. Employees reported they were able to save 30+ minutes versus before when time would be wasted trying to solve issues.

Moreover, with reMARK’s pricing being based on the number of users, it was easy for Hafnia to get started and scale up as their team grew. Overall, reMARK was the ideal email solution for Hafnia.

Graph showing time saved per employee with Nordic IT reMARK Email Platform


Since making the switch to reMARK, Hafnia has seen drastic improvements in departmental productivity within email communication. With reMARK, all of Hafnia’s departments are able to communicate seamlessly with one another, which has resulted in a more cohesive company culture.

As it stands today, there are a total of 11 departments across Hafnia using reMARK, some of which include financial, claims, chartering,

 operation, IT, crewing, and more. Currently, Hafnia has several users and just signed an additional 70 licenses for their Singapore office. Overall, reMARK has transformed global electronic communications for Hafnia, and the Hafnia team is very happy with the support and customer service Nordic IT has provided them.


Search Functionality

reMARK’s search functionality feature allows Hafnia’s team to quickly retrieve historical emails even from years back. The team finds this feature extremely useful and easy to use.

Departmental Mail

Hafnia has a total of 11 departments using reMARK. With reMARK, emails by department are better organized and electronic communication is much more efficient.

reMARK App

The Hafnia team gets the most out of reMARK with the newest version of the app. It’s perfect for those who are out of office while remaining fast and easy to use.

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