The history of email: The 80s

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The history of email

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80s: A new way of communication

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Users get connected

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In 1986, from further development of ARPANET, American Research Organization developed NSFNet: A network that went on to become a major part of the internet backbone. It quickly became a commercial success where both universities and schools got connected to the network through the telephone network. All users could now interact with each other through email, providing users with a completely new way of communicating.

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Email to masses

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Along with the technological development during the 80s, computers became smaller and cheaper. This fact made computers accessible for regular households and at the same time provided access to email to the masses. Both private and corporate consumers now got the opportunity to communicate with friends, relatives and business relations through email.

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Stay tuned for next time,
where we take a look at the 90s:

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