How Maritime Leaders use reMARK to Archive Emails

In the Maritime industry, it’s no secret that shipping companies are getting thousands of emails each day. Mid-sized companies can get anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 emails each day, and  large international companies can receive up to 50,000 emails per day. The problem? Managing them is a daunting, time-consuming task. reMARK exists to solve this problem.

Before using reMARK, many shipping teams were manually dragging and dropping thousands of emails into thousands of folders, each of which had hundreds of subfolders. This was happening in slow platforms like Outlook, wasting hours and hours each day. To make things even more complex, every team member had their own individual folders.

With 100 people managing email in 100 different ways, that can cause a lot of chaos, work overlap, and wasted time.  

How Maritime Leaders Are Using reMARK to File Emails

After installing reMARK, Maritime leaders get a new lease of life with email. Their folder structures become simplified, and because reMARK is a shared inbox, everyone begins to work in sync, using the same structure across the entire company. Below are some examples of how they are using reMARK. 

They Create ‘Top’ Folders: For example, you can create a folder for each ship name. Then, if an email contains the keyword of that specific ship, it will be automatically archived into the corresponding folder. 

They Create Categories Within the Top Folders: For example, if there is a folder for a specific ship, they may create categories to find specific emails relating to that ship such as ‘insurance’, ‘special offer’ or ‘merge’. 

They Use Filters: They use the filter tool to find the exact email they are looking for within the categories, in a split second. And, there are no duplicates of emails, so when you search, you’ll only see the one copy in your inbox. 

They Create Structured Workflows: for example, certain team members may focus on certain folders, reading only the emails that are relevant to them.

One of the great strengths of reMARK is its flexibility. We can help set it up any way you can think of. Above is just an example of a structure that may work for you. 

How reMARK Makes an Impact on Bottom Line

By no longer manually archiving emails, reMARK saves each team member up to 1-2 hours each day. reMARK does the automatic filing, so you don’t have to.

The fast search filter and criteria enables you to make your search very specific, so you can find the email you’re looking for, instantly, which also saves time.

reMARK helps create structure in your team’s inbox. Because it’s a shared inbox, you can see who has worked on what, which avoids work overlap.

This is how world class maritime leaders are using reMARK to make a difference to their bottom line. Interested? Schedule a demo today!

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