How reMARK Works: Maritime Email Software For Business Teams

reMARK, a powerful email software solution, is ideal for businesses that deal with thousands of emails each day. It helps take your team from drowning in email, to thriving in it. First, let’s get acquainted with reMARK’s features.

reMARK’s Team Overview

Team overview allows you to keep track of what team members have done on a specific email. This feature shows the following:

  • Overview – a summary of actions related to the chosen email.
  • Timeline – a chronological overview of the actions that are relevant to the email currently.
  • History – keeps a full overview of all actions carried out on the email. 

reMARK’s Advanced Search

General email software programs often have a single search bar with a very slow load speed. Not reMARK. Learn how to find any email, contact, calendar event, or mailing list in a split second. You can get really specific by searching for phrases, a period of time, and attachments. 

reMARK’s Smart Folders

Smart folders allow you to set up predefined conditions that filter emails into a folder as they arrive in the system. This intelligent system shows only what is relevant for the user, and therefore reduces time spent on emails. To learn how to create a smart folder that works for you and your department, watch the tutorial below. 

reMARK Email Interface

Learn where the toolbar, tab menu, folders, emails, and the team overview are located. 

To see more of reMARK’s powerful features, head over to the Learning Center where you can enroll in a free training course to become a power user. Interested in using this software for your business team? Schedule a demo today!

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