Dmitry Nordic IT Team
Head of Product Development

Dmitry is the Head of Product Development at Nordic IT, and he is responsible for product management, the leadership of the development team, and conducting actual software development. As the Head of Product Development, he leads Nordic IT in research for product enhancements, and product redesigns to make reMARK the best collaborative email software.

Dmitry has an MS Degree in Computer Science from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. He came aboard the Nordic IT team as a software developer back in August 2009, and he was happy to contribute to the development of both the reMARK platform and its predecessor, MARK5.

Dmitry’s favorite parts about working at Nordic IT are his team, the product, and the users. The Nordic IT team is diverse and distributed all over the globe, and is still supportive to all members. Dmitry feels that MARK5 possessed rich features and now reMARK has built on that and will continue to rapidly develop and improve. He is appreciative of the community of users who are ready to openly share feedback so that he can continue to make additional improvements.

Dmitry’s favorite reMARK feature is the Team Overview because it gives him the ability to take a quick glance and find what exactly happened to an email, whether somebody read it, replied, etc. The Team Overview function has allowed Dmitry to more effectively collaborate on every email thread, and give his team complete transparency of their inboxes.

Most of Dmitry’s spare time is spent with his lovely wife and two little daughters, however, when he’s not with them, you can find him on a long-distance run training for a marathon race.