Brady Nordic IT Team
Sales Director

Lars is the Sales Director of Nordic IT, and one of his largest responsibilities is ensuring Nordic IT meets its global sales goals. He is also in charge of the general management of the sales organization as a whole.

Lars has a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. His interest in sales was piqued by a part-time job during his university days, and he has been with Nordic IT since finishing his studies. Nordic IT gives Lars the freedom to try different sales approaches and methods while also allowing him to continue traveling and meeting exciting new personas daily. Lars feels that being at Nordic IT has allowed him to appreciate the B2B sales process where solution matching and technical knowledge are key rather than the fancy meaningless sales phrases.

Lars’ favorite reMARK feature is the templates available on the reMARK App. Lars also finds himself frequently using the instant filter features to quickly search through column information. Both the templates and filters ultimately allow Lars to answer emails faster, cut costs, and drive revenue.

Lars likes to watch tv shows and movies while traveling, and when he isn’t working, he likes to play the occasional badminton match. Pre pandemic, he could also never pass up a good party.