Maritime email users: How to accommodate their needs

Compared to when the first email was sent in 1971, emails now feel less like a novelty and more like a necessity. In fact, figures show that email is one of the most selected communication tools for business communication and one might argue that having an email address is nearly more important than having a telephone number. However, with all the different kinds of communication platforms available to professionals today and the large amount of emails received on a daily basis, different issues can arise if the email user is not provided with the ideal email software solution – especially in the maritime industry.

The email situation

Since the first email was sent, email users are now sending around 98 trillion emails per year, and before 2019 there will be more than 3.8 billion email users in the world which means more than half of the entire planet will be using email. This is why it is safe to say, that email has not just become an integrated part of everyday life, but also a necessary part of our professional lives. The average office worker receives 121 emails a day (the amount is even higher in the maritime industry)and 86% of the office workers prefer email as their method of business communication.

Although email clearly is a valuable business communication tool preferred by the majority of business professionals, its widespread use in business settings has also resulted in many different issues regarding email usage. For example, a survey by CareerBuilder reveals that 26% of employees think that email is a major productivity killer. For maritime email users, this is even a bigger problem, as they use email as their primary communication platform and therefore receive hundreds of emails every day – far more than the average employee in many other industries. With this volume multiple issues effecting emails can occur and maritime email users can quickly become inefficient if they do not have a maritime software solution that accommodates their needs and workflow.

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Solve the issues with a maritime software solution

Therefore, the following problems and issues are some that many high-volume emails users deal with and how these problems can be accommodated by a maritime software solution like reMARK:

Too many emails

Receiving to many emails can be overwhelming, challenging and time consuming to organize. In order for high volume email users to stay on top of their email inboxes, it is essential that they are able to automate some processes regarding email management so inboxes do not become productivity killers. This can be done in reMARK by automatic filtering of emails. In reMARK, the user can set up filters and the intelligent system lets the user see only the emails that are relevant to them.

Not enough space to hold all your data

When receiving hundreds of emails and shearing documents and attachments every day, at some point you probably experienced your server filling up or reaching your email quota. However, in reMARK you do not waste server space. In contrast to standard email systems, reMARK does not duplicate or copy emails, documents or data. Instead, the system links to the original email or document. This means that you save a lot of data and storage space.

Slow and inefficient search

If you are an email user in the maritime industry, you have probably experienced that email inboxes can contain a lot of emails, and finding the right and relevant email can be a hassle, if not almost impossible. Therefore, it is a necessity for high volume email users in the maritime industry to be able to search efficiently. reMARK has an advanced search function that allows users to search through years of old data, conduct multiple searches at once and save your searches. Thereby, users are always able to locate what they are looking for instantly.

Missing team features

Do you often work on different projects in teams? Then you most likely have experienced the dreadfulness of trying to keep track of who have seen, replied or archived an email regarding a specific project. In order to accommodate this problem, reMARK has a team functionality and a log-handler that tracks every action towards a specific email, project, client, task etc. Which means that the shared team environment creates a better and more efficient information flow that is timesaving and repeated tasks are eliminated.


Obtain an optimal workflow with reMARK

It goes without saying that even though email brings frustration to many office workers and employees in modern business environments, it is still the most used and valuable business communication platform. Which is why our email is here to stay. However, maritime email users, who receive a larger amount of emails than the average office worker, will need a maritime software solution for managing emails in order to prevent inefficiency and obtain an optimal workflow. Nordic IT has developed reMARK with special focus on the maritime industry to help solving the special email challenges within this industry.

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