reMARK: A GDPR compliant product


The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently came into force. Which means that it is now necessary and essential for almost all businesses to consider to which extent their employees and customers are engaging with digital products on a daily basis, and if they are in compliance with the new data security and personal data protection rules. Since we at Nordic IT offer customers a product that may contain personal data, presented below are four current features in reMARK that already help users comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.


Full traceability in Admin tool

According to GDPR you must have a procedure of both how to handle private data as well as who has access. You must be able to justify who has access to the data and how data is used and shared. To accommodate this, reMARK includes a log function through the admin tool capable of viewing all administrative changes. This way you can document how data has been handled and the function ensures that the IT department has full traceability of the emails and data and access to individual emails accounts.

Action Tracking

With reMARK all actions are tracked. Administrators and users can view and inspect all actions related to a mail, contact or folder. All actions received a date/time stamp. For example, it is registered when an employee has printed an email or even filed an email into a folder. This gives the team leader full traceability and visibility of what has happened to the data, how it has been handled and by whom.


Delete email, contacts or folders in reMARK

GDPR has introduced the right to deletion of personal data, also known as the right to be forgotten, which means that the data owner has a right to have their data removed from a controller or processor for a number of reasons. In reMARK, this is possible.
But first, you must be granted the permission to delete emails. This can be setup in the reMARK admin tool by the administrator. When this is done, the user is able to delete emails permanently on all accessible email inboxes and folders. Also, a user with administrative rights in reMARK can delete other users’ individual emails or a whole email account.


Auto categories and auto filing of emails containing specific words

This feature categorizes specific emails and allows users to locate them later for processing. In order to comply with GDPR, you can setup rules to file emails into a specific folder. An example of this would be to have a rule-trigger on words that are related to content that contains personal data. Then, these words would be categorized for example in a category called “GDPR – Deletion”. The rule would then be setup to a specific folder that can be secured with permissions. In order for this setup to work, you will need to create the category, folder and rule manually. Emails in such a folder can then be deleted on a regular basis when they are no longer needed to comply with GDPR.

Besides the features described above that already comply with GDPR, we will soon add additional enhancements to reMARK that will give users the possibility to delete emails automatically.

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