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Business email

MARK5 is a maritime team email software suitable for working environments that deal with high volume email. Users can filter out anything unimportant, search through a massive amount of emails instantly while working effortlessly in teams across offices.

Key features


Set up an unlimited amount of filters that prioritise and sort everything for you. The intelligent filtering system makes you see only what is relevant to you and optimise your time spent on emails.


Work effortlessly in teams across offices. MARK5 is tailored for team-working environments, and the system makes every action visible to the users.


The search finds and retrieves in a split second, despite an enormous data amount, allowing quick retrieval of information through specific, but instant, entering of criteria.






MARK5 specialises in high volume email. The system sorts everything automatically to give users a better overview. MARK5 is tailored for team working environments across offices and makes every action visible to the user without having to forward emails. The system registers every movement and lets all team members view the email status – who has read, replied, forwarded and filed the message in question.

MARK5 tracks and logs all activity carried out to documents for easy access and overview. The system gives complete overview of different versions of a file or email over time. Manage documents effortlessly by delegating and assigning tasks to team members, and link emails and documents with anything else in the system.

MARK5 contains a highly advanced address-book that allows companies to share detailed contacts. The address-book is fully integrated with everything else in the system and allows for quick search and retrieval of contact information for persons, companies and departments. The adress-book gives users option of both private and shared contacts. Furthermore, the address-book is compatible with mobile devices and allows users quick access – anytime and anywhere.

The calendar in MARK5 combines corporate, departmental and private calendars and can be viewed all at once. Private calendars and appointments remain private whereas departmental or corporate are visible to the group in question. The calendar allows you to attach documents to appointments so that everything is combined.

With MARK5 you can define mailing lists and distribute emails to several recipients in just a split second. Set up an unlimited number of lists to reach all of your different contact groups in just one click.

The MARK5 app for iOS and Android features all the best team functionality from MARK5 and it allows you to work on the go. It brings you the expanded features and efficient workflow you know from MARK5 – but now you can work from anywhere.

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MAERSK TANKERS - Nordic IT client

Simon Kruse

Head of Business Solutions

Maersk Tankers

“With 100+ colleagues relying on MARK5, our first and foremost requirement has been stability and professional level of support. Both has been delivered on (…) Running MARK5 via MyVDI works like a charm. Flawless”.

Nick Anastopoulos

Operations Manager

Mylaki Shipping

“MARK5 has given us the ability to work better as a team, to easily filter and distribute documents per department and location, to rest assured that we will always find messages no matter how old they are, as well as to tailor our correspondence view to our individual needs. In short, it has made our lives easier”.

Braemar ACM Shipbrokering - Nordic IT client

Philip Farnes

Service Delivery and Infrastructure Manager

Braemar ACM Shipbroking

“I can highly recommend the search in MARK5. It eliminates all search issues that traditional email apps face when handling high volumes of email”.

Team Tankers logo

Jørgen-Ole Christensen

Senior Operations Manager

Team Tankers

“MARK5 is a very user friendly communication system, even though the system has a lot of features. These features provide users with extreme flexibility – giving users the possibility to set up the system to fit the way they like to work. MARK5 has saved us a tremendous amount of time when filing – now, we do not file anything at all.



Per user per month (Minimum 3 users)




+ Emails

+ Contacts

+ Calendar

+ Mailing List

+ Rules

+ App

+ Service

+ Access to 24/7 service

- BUY -


Per user per month (Minimum 3 users)




+ Emails

+ Contacts

+ Calendar

+ Mailing List

+ Rules

+ App

+ Service

+ One hosting location

+ Access to 24/7 service

- BUY -

*Prices are excluding training and installation costs.

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