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About MOL Chemical Tankers Europe

MOL Chemical Tankers Europe is a leading chemical tanker company that has mastered the art of transporting specialized liquid products in bulk for large chemical producers and oil majors. After several years of industry experience, they have built up premium services to allow core trade lanes for all types of specialized liquid products. They also dare to step outside of the box and push to bring the shipping industry to the next level. 

The Problem 

Inefficient Email Flow  | Slowing Down Workflow

MOL Chemical Tankers Europe found it tedious and time consuming to work with the complex inboxes of traditional email services, because they lacked transparency, visibility, and control. It was difficult to see who had read which emails, delegate tasks, and communicate across time zones. As one of the leading chemical tanker companies in the industry, they wanted to improve their safety, security, and overall communication between every party involved in the maritime chain. As people operate and work together from around the globe they found open communication essential to their daily workflow. 

MOL Chemical Tankers Europe had previously been using the Legacy e-mail solution to operate their commercial inboxes. It quickly became apparent that the legacy system was inefficient and often took hours at a time to complete. They hoped to transition to Outlook, however, they found it was not a viable option for their specific needs or to move there from the legacy system, so they began to look for a more collaborative email software.

The Search For an Email Solution

When the legacy system stopped working efficiently and switching to Outlook wasn’t a good option either, MOL Chemical Tankers Europe looked to the MARK5 program to help communication between their numerous global offices.

The MARK5 allowed them to optimize workflow capabilities for their technical department while also building a bigger and better workflow for the commercial departments.

“The search is extremely powerful and exceptionally fast. It can display 10,000 results on screen in seconds and then find exactly what you are looking for, using the instant filter function, that updates the result list as fast as I can type.”

Jesper Hyldal Mølgaard
Business IT Specialist

The Company Roll-Out

MOL Chemical Tankers Europe was able to smoothly transition into using MARK5, because they found that they were able to build a very similar workflow to what they were already accustomed to in the legacy system. The benefit of MARK5 is that they were then able to upgrade to a smarter and more efficient workflow between their commercial departments.

The MARK5 software did the tedious filing and email organizing automatically so that all they had to do was utilize the customizable email filters to present and prioritize the specific emails they were searching for. 

Our comprehensive dashboard gave MOL Chemical Tankers Europe all the tools they needed to run their day-to-day operations and communication more efficiently. The software includes a wide range of things like:

  • Emails
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Mailing lists
  • Integrations

How Our Email Solution Solved MOL Chemical Tankers Europe Email Problems


MARK5 simplified MOL’s overflowing inboxes down to just one, and streamlined their business processes to drive their overall business growth. MARK5 minimized the unnecessary number of hours being wasted filing through emails so that they could focus on things like categorizing, searching, and prioritizing. MARK5’s searching capabilities allowed MOL Chemical Tankers Europe to retrieve the important information they needed faster than ever before.

Once they had fully transitioned to using MARK5 everybody was given clear visibility of an unlimited number of shared inboxes. This increased visibility eliminated the possibility of miscommunication between channels and led to optimized collaboration opportunities. They are now able to track and audit their team members emails to see exactly who opened, forwarded, printed, deleted, edited, or commented on an email.

“Commercial departments like the mailing lists in particular because of the way it works with the address book – it is easy to add or remove a contact from multiple lists, without having to go through all lists one by one, every time you want to make changes. Also, the different shortcuts make it so much easier to compose an email going out to a ship – you can make sure the owner gets it and you’re done in one click.”

Kenn Schneider – VP, IT & Business Applications

“Nordic IT offers assistance anytime of the day to make sure we have the minimum window of downtime… they have always accommodated that for us.”

Kenn Schneider – VP, IT & Business Applications

Looking Forward To The Future

Since MOL Chemical Tankers Europe first came aboard Nordic IT, we have learned and developed an even better collaborative email software for maritime teams called reMARK. reMARK has all of the same great features of the MARK5, but it simplifies inboxes even further, streamlines business transactions, and drives business growth. We hope that as our relationship continues to develop with MOL Nordic Tankers, that we can upgrade them to reMARK in the near future.

MOL Chemical Tanker’s Favorite Email Features


It made it easier than ever for them to find any one email out of the thousands they receive.


Allowed them to automize 99% of their workflow and optimize their efforts.

User Management

MARK5 is user friendly and easy to navigate and implement company-wide. Everything is just a couple clicks away.


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