Monday morning inbox – a GIF story

Monday morning can feel overwhelming – and even more so once you open up your email inbox. But, there is another Monday-scenario for you to discover. 

You probably know the feeling: You’ve had a relaxing weekend away from work

And Monday morning comes as a shock

You drag yourself to work

And open up your inbox…

EXPLOSION! So many emails have invaded your inbox during the weekend

Some are waiting for your response, some you just need to read, and some are totally irrelevant to you

You might feel like crying – and we get that

Where to start and where to end in this massive load of emails? 

Luckily, there is another way 

reMARK – the email system that makes you see only what is relevant to you 

Just imagine: Your inbox perfectly sorted and organized

A completely prioritized list right before your tired Monday-hazed eyes

The best and most efficient way to start a brand new workweek 


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