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  • Virtual team

    5 ways to optimise virtual teams

    Working together from different locations, have become a big part of most business environments. More international companies are moving towards a new era of interaction methods and leaving the traditional communication tools behind. We provide you with five ways to optimise Virtual Teams.

  • Nordic IT Development

    Q&A with Nordic IT Development

    Are you intrigued by what is going to happen next regarding software and teamwork? Then this is the place to get an exclusive sneak peek into the future of MARK5, and how we will optimise the way teams work! We have had a little discussion with our development team, trying to convince them to expose…

  • Virtual teams - man sitting alone at table

    Once upon a time my colleague sat next to me

    You probably know the feeling: You get the urge to drink an after work beer with your team, but there is a significant problem: Your co-workers are located in an office in Dubai and instead of an after work beer, all you get is a paltry beer emoticon with a message saying ‘Have a nice…

  • Virtual team - People on computers across the world

    How to make virtual teams work

    Not many decades ago, working in teams meant sitting together in a room, working side by side. Today, the definition has evolved concurrently with the development of both technology and the globalisation, and more companies now rely on a geographically dispersed workforce, making teams virtual. But as the team definition has evolved, so has the…

  • Folder

    Get more efficient by filtering your emails

    It is commonly known that shipping companies receive hundreds of emails every day and spends a lot of resources sorting them. This is without a doubt the direct way to inefficiency. To solve the issue, the situation calls for a way to sort incoming emails in a more efficient way – but how?

  • Picture of woman getting blown away by emails

    Take back control over your email

    Time-consuming, inefficient and a distraction. That is just some of the words email is associated with these days. When email first arrived back in 1965 it had a purpose to speed up communication across the world in a completely new and efficient way. Now, time has changed and what used to be a helping force…

  • MARK5 iphone app showcased in Iphone 6

    The latest updates on the MARK5 app

    Now, it has been a year since the MARK5 app for iPhone was launched. Since then we have worked hard to optimise, develop and upgrade the app to suit our users’ needs and wishes. Your feedback has helped us develop the app to perform better and now we are ready to introduce you to some…

  • The winners of BreakBulk Antwerp competition 2016 - Nordic IT

    Congratulations to all the Breakbulk Antwerp winners

    Once again we at Nordic IT would like to say congratulations to all the lucky winners from our race at Breakbulk Antwerp 2016. The winners were able to outrun every other contestant and come back to the Nordic IT stand first – good job! We hope you enjoy your iPads, Apple TVs and GoPro cameras.

  • BreakBulk Europe Most Interactive stand winners 2016

    We won a prize

    Sometimes things turn out differently than you expect and at Nordic IT’s participation at this year’s Breakbulk Antwerp, things turned out beyond all expectations, when we Wednesday were announced the lucky winner of the Most Interactive stand.

  • Shoes hanging in the air

    Remember to join our exciting competition at Breakbulk Antwerp

    Are you visiting Breakbulk Antwerp next week? Then remember to pack your running shoes and be prepared to join our exciting competition at this year’s Nordic IT stand. You will find us at exhibition stand no. 522H2, where the competition will take place and awesome prices will be given to those who win. So do…