Nordic IT’s history in GIFs

Nordic IT dates back to the 1980’s. From then till today, technology has undergone significant development – but the focus has always been on the maritime industry. This is Nordic IT’s history – told in GIFs. 


Once upon a time in the early 80s three young men graduated from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).


They came up with a great idea!


They figured out how to eliminate some of the communication steps between
brokers around the world saving everyone lots of time and money.


And so it came to pass that they invented a telex-interface that could connect the teletypewriter with computers, and the company MARK Communication Systems was born.


This new invention basically meant that companies now could type messages directly from a computer.


and it allowed multiple employees to type messages at the same time and was a major optimization of global communication!


Before, they had to write a draft, hand it over to a telex operator who then had to type it into a telex machine and send it to another telex machine from where it was printed before it was handed over to the rightful receiver.


During the 80s the company introduced its first software application based on MS DOS (Microsoft Disk Operation System). This application was called MARK Communication System


Because of the company’s innovative and intelligent software, it expanded and became a global organisation during the late 80s.


It was continuously developed to suit the needs of customers in the maritime industry, giving shipbrokers a head start in the constant race of fixing ships.


For many years the company peacefully served the maritime industry until one day in the year of 1996. 1996 marked the beginning of a new era, as MARK Communication System for Windows (MSC Win) was launched.


MCS Win served the maritime industry until 2012 when Nordic IT released the .NET based software: MARK5. A piece of software that matches windows’ standards with decades of experience serving the maritime industry with highly innovative and tailored communication solutions.


Today, MARK5’s user interface has undergone a transformation and the system now appears under the name reMARK. The goal with reMARK has been to optimize the user experience and thereby give enterprise email users the best working conditions.


And thus, this is the tale of how one great idea became the foundation of Nordic IT – one of the world’s leading software and communication suppliers for the maritime industry.


The End, some might say but in Nordic IT the adventure goes on!


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