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The participants:

Nicolai Roest Deijenberg; Service Technician
Casper Thalund: Service & Project Manager
Simon Dinesen; Service Technician
Anders Hougaard Nielsen; Service Technician

Note: The answers have been summed into one.

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How do you experience Millennial users in general?

In general, we often experience that our younger users take matters into their own hands. They have a great fundamental understanding of technology, and the fact that many of them are practically raised with a computer, make them comfortable and with great intuition around IT. The result: They are great problem solvers. They have great confidence in technology and in us, as experts. So, whenever they have an issue in MARK5, they instinctively believe they caused it themselves. Instead of blaming the software or us, they blame themselves and try to solve the problem on their own. This behaviour has a positive and a negative effect: The positive being that they rarely need help from us and the negative being that sometimes, the problem they experience is not their fault, and our assistance would have resulted in a much quicker process of solving the issue.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Also, because they act native around technology, they tend to be slightly perfectionistic about software; they do not tolerate minor and, what we would refer to as, less important mistakes. They get very impatient, if a functionality is a bit slower, than they expect it to be. Their native behaviour around technology has an inconvenient side effect: Whenever we suggest a solution, they tend to claim they already tried the solution. And sometimes, that is simply not the case, and it prolongs the troubleshooting, because we eliminate a solution – that should not have been eliminated.


How about Baby Boomers? How do you experience them?

The general Baby Boomer user has quite fundamentally a lower understanding than those who have been raised with computers from a young age. A common characteristic is, that they act a bit nervously because they lack overview, knowledge and intuition. In some situations, we even see Baby Boomers questioning our professional competency, maybe because they cannot determine bad from good counselling. But this is challenging when it comes to helping them to solve their issue. This behaviour also results in a reluctance to change, because it is simple too much work. The result: They stick to what they know. Therefore, it is important to provide Baby Boomers with guidance in form of user manuals – something younger users never demand.
In contrast to Millennials, Baby Boomers tend to distrust the software. Back in the days, they were used to flawed software, and they hold on to their distrust in systems, even though the quality of software has improved significantly since then. But of course, sometimes you get a call from a Baby Boomer user who knows exactly, what he is doing. So this is just a general perspective.


How are the two types of users alike?

No user accepts downtime – despite age. So both generations have a no tolerance policy, when it comes to breakdowns of the system. Also, a general behavioural pattern is; most users tend to keep some distance to make sure, they do not cause any inconvenience. In many cases, users do not ask for help regarding day-to-day issues, so they often remain unsolved. Usually, we can guide users to an improved use of MARK5 in a few minutes, solving something that has been bothering users for months or years, even. So in general, users should just speak up, whenever something is not working properly.


How are the two generations different?

Well, the level of troubleshooting they perform before contacting us is certainly different. If a Millennial user experience a problem, the user tends to troubleshoot beforehand. So, when we get involved, many possible solutions have already been tried. Quite often, we realise, the user solves issues without contacting us. On the contrary, Baby Boomers rarely solve their issues and need our guidance repeatedly.
Another obvious difference is use of user manuals. Whereas Generation Millennial is completely self-taught, generation Baby Boomer is highly dependent on user manuals to benefit properly from MARK5.

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Do you have any recommendations for the users?

One recommendation for Baby Boomers is definitely our user guides. Many of our users do not know, they exist, and they would really help users to get more insight of the different functionalities in MARK5 – besides the obvious ones. Users would then benefit even further from MARK5.
Another recommendation is for users who have an in-house IT Department. Whenever you experience a problem, make sure you contact you intern IT Department – before contacting Nordic IT. In many cases, the problem is proved to be something else than MARK5, and we cannot assist with that. Therefore, it is important to determine the origin of the problem, and if it turns out to be MARK5, we will of course help, immediately.
The last recommendation is actually for everyone: Do not hesitate to ask your IT Department for guidance. If you do not have one, just contact us for advice. Our users tend to believe technical issues are self-inflicted, but we can often solve the problem within the hour, and the user experience of MARK5 will be instantly improved.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_toggle title=”SUBSCRIBE TO NORDIC IT NEWS” style=”simple” color=”black”]Make sure never to miss a story from Nordic IT.
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