reMark Email Software Training Classes Launched on Website

reMark Email Software Training Classes Launched on Website

Great news – we recently launched a new Learning Management System in the support area of our website. On this page of the website, we’ve created a Beginner Course, an Intermediate Course, and a Course for Power Users. All enrollments are free, and the classes will track your progress as you watch each of the class videos. 

In the event you don’t have time to take a full reMARK training class, we’ve also created a search function on the site so you can search for a video on the specific task you are looking to become more proficient on. Looking for some tips on creating and inserting email templates? It’s there. Some ideas on advanced email searching? Also there! Have a question? The Q&A section allows you to ask your question and get an answer right on the site!

Finally, all of our .pdf guides are organized on the site as well and available to review.  So, if you are someone that likes to do a bit of reading, and really get deep into a topic, launch an overview document to find what you need.

As you explore the new area of the website, please let us know what feedback you have. We want this to be as valuable as possible to our user community, so let us know what you think by emailing our CEO Justin Brady

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