Other important reMARK email features

reMARK is an enterprise email system that holds a great number of features that all help users work more efficiently with email. To get a complete overview of the functionality, we have gathered a list of other important and beneficial email features that did not see on the reMARK page


Often sending emails with the same content? Create templates to reuse content you already created once.


No email is ever duplicated – instead reMARK creates a link to the original source, meaning less storage space is needed.


Often using copy paste? You will love clipboard+, where you can copy an endless number of clips and use them only when you want.


Woking on the same email as colleagues? Write and receive messages on email that only you and your co-workers can see.

Send time

Working from forrent time zones? Use send time to make sure your email is send at exactly the time you would like – and at a proper hour for the receiver in a different time zone.


Want to include personal information even when sending out emails to several recipients? With mailmerge you can add shortcodes that will automatically turn into personal information when the recipient read the email.

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