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Protecting and managing data can be a difficult and complex procedure for many companies. That is why companies often outsource to IT companies, such as Nordic IT, who specialises in managing data in a secure way using state-of-the art backup and data security solutions. Nordic IT offers customers solutions which are cost effective and at the same time highly flexible. Read further to discover how you can optimize your business’ security with Nordic IT.

IT Management

With an IT Management agreement, we handle your IT. This is typical for companies who do not have an in-house IT department. Here, our service team provides customers with help and guidance on any technological matter and especially when it comes to security. We also educate customers on how to behave and spot security threats. Furthermore, we keep customers’ computers and servers updated at all times to prevent attackers from getting unauthorized access.

Hosting solution

Nordic IT offers a highly secure Hosting solution, where a company’s data can be stored on an external server. The data will be localised in a secure environment, which means that if damage is made, it will not spread to the rest of the company. Furthermore, the solution includes backup of data, antivirus and anti-spam software protection.

Security software

Besides providing IT Management and hosting services, Nordic IT provide customers with different kinds of security software solutions which are always selected with the aim of providing the newest and most optimal products to secure the companies data. This includes antivirus software from Comendo, backup of data from Backup112 and anti-spam software from Eset.


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