Staying Efficient in Times of Economic Uncertainty: How reMARK Helps to Control Costs and Drive Revenue

Staying Efficient in Times of Economic Uncertainty: How reMARK Helps to Control Costs and Drive Revenue

With COVID-19 disrupting business and moving much of our personnel to a work from home scenario, it is important to have a reliable communication tool that enables teams to work together while dispersed outside the office. reMARK, with its powerful collaboration, searching and filtering capabilities, is the perfect email software tool to help you efficiently work through these times of uncertainty.

Here are a few ways reMARK can help your business to remain productive and be efficient:

1: Spend Less Time Reading Through Unimportant Emails

With reMARK’s customizable email filters, you can set an unlimited number of filters that seamlessly prioritize and present only the emails that matter to you. If you are responsible for a particular project or task, our filters can present just those to you, and filter out all other emails.  You will be able to stay laser focused on the task at hand.

2: Have Your Team Work Out of a Single Inbox

Work smarter and faster through the power of working in a single inbox. Utilize reMARK’s Team Overview to collaborate on every email thread, add status comments to emails, know exactly who has opened or replied to an email, and add tasks directly to a co-worker or team’s to-do-list.  You’ll find this way speeds up team execution as opposed to working out of generic Outlook and GMail clients.

3: Reduce The Amount of Time Wasted Archiving Emails

With reMARK’s Smart Folders, you can focus your team on work that matters. reMARK allows you to significantly reduce or eliminate your team’s archiving time, saving several hours per person per day through automation.

4: Reduce the Number of Hours Required to Manage Email

Increased efficiency = more accomplished each day.  Free up hours for your people to work on additional value-added work. reMARK’s powerful features, automations and speed allows each person to save an average of 1-2 hours per day. Those saved hours can make a difference to the bottom line.

The shipping industry has been using Nordic IT products for decades, for a reason. Our proven stability means no interruptions to your daily workflow, just increased efficiency. Need to control costs and drive revenue? Interested in a reMARK demo? Contact us today and our team of experts will reach out to provide you with a proposed solution for your business team. 

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