Technology’s influence on Nordic IT personnel

Over the years technology has developed rapidly with great influence on several generations, including Baby Boomers and Millennials.
Obviously, the two generations have different perspectives on technology. Here at Nordic IT both Baby Boomers and Millennials are represented. We have asked them about their perspectives on technology and how they have experienced the technological development throughout their lifetime. 

Generation Millennial:

Nicolai Roest Deijenberg, Service Technician:

In my lifetime, technology has changed the world from unconnected to connected. I already had my first mobile in second grade. But it was not until the mid 00s, with the entrance of Facebook and social media in general, that the world really changed. Social media actually changed how we interact socially and now; I always feel connected, despite geography.

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Generation Baby Boomer:

Anton Caspersen, Partner:

In my lifetime, technology, along with the entrance of digital communication forms, have changed the way we socialise. Before, we socialised in a social way, whereas now, we socialise in a foreign way. But, I also experienced how technology, in the wake of the post-war era, increased productivity exponentially serving as an economical booster and the number one reason, that the world economy changed dramatically into the welfare society we benefit from today.

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