The latest updates on the MARK5 app

Now, it has been a year since the MARK5 app for iPhone was launched. Since then we have worked hard to optimise, develop and upgrade the app to suit our users’ needs and wishes. Your feedback has helped us develop the app to perform better and now we are ready to introduce you to some of the latest updates.

With the optimised offline mode, you can now create new emails and make them ready to send out without being online. All you have to do is compose an email and it will be placed in the outgoing-folder. The email will automatically be sent as soon as you reach an internet connection.

When you are offline, you also have access to your cached folders. This means that you have the content that you most often use at your hand all the time. If you know that you have to go on a long flight, and would like to spend the time working, you just swipe on a folder and tap ‘enable caching’ beforehand to access it when you are offline.

Recently viewed emails and contacts are also accessible offline. Go to your iPhone settings and change the cache settings for the MARK5 app ranging from 3-21 days as you prefer and depending on the amount of available space on your mobile. This will allow you to access anything you already viewed in your defined time range.

The app now lets you access your shortcodes from MARK5. This feature makes it easier than ever to send an email to many recipients at one time from your iPhone. You just pick one of your mailing lists and the email will be sent to everyone on the list.

When you answer, forward or compose a new email, the new version of the app provides you with a new top menu that gives you the choice of including both iPhone contacts, predefined mailing lists, recently used contacts and of course MARK5 contacts.

The app also gives you an easier way to find the right contacts when writing a new email, by suggesting names and email accounts as soon as you start typing the contact you are searching for.

You now have access to settings directly from the app. This will make it much more convenient for you to modify and customise your settings at any time. You will find settings in the bottom bar next to Notifications.

You can also now go to settings and modify what kind of information you want to see when you view emails, contacts and shortcodes, making things more manageable.

Furthermore, settings now give you the possibility to define a local template, if you do not want to use any of MARK5’s defined templates when you create, reply or forward emails. This gives you the opportunity to make a template that suits your own requirements in the app.

The MARK5 app has been further updated for iPad and now you have the opportunity to use the space on your screen more effectively. This means that you can have MARK5 open side by side with other apps, to navigate more efficient through your documents, contacts and shortcodes.

As in MARK5 it is now possible for you to delete emails, contacts and shortcodes from different folders and thereby only keep the ones you need access to. Also favourite folders can now be reordered. This will help you organise all your favourite folders only by tapping edit and then drag the folders to where you want it to be placed.

The app version 1.3 now requires iOS 9. It follows all the latest Apple standards and is easy to use, so remember to update your iPhone as soon as possible, so you do not miss out on anything.

Not using the MARK5 app yet?

Then get started today. The app is available for iPhone and ready to download in App Store – just follow this link.

Are you an Android user, we now have good news! We are in process off developing an Android version and you can now get the opportunity to become a test pilot. Interested? Feel free to contact us for more information.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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