Four employees’ work visions for 2017

Want to know what is going on next year? We have had a chat with some Nordic IT faces to get a sneak peek at their visions for 2017. Are you just as curious as us? Then keep reading to get a glimpse of the future in this “what, why and how” regarding next year’s visions.

My vision is to improve the standard of email and to make sure our users are satisfied with our product to an extent where we provide the best email experience in the market. From my point of view, satisfied customers are the most important for modern businesses. I believe that a way to get satisfied customers is to create the most intuitive and user friendly email solution on the market. How users experience and interact with a product is crucial for their overall satisfaction and experience. So, in 2017 we need to use design to guide users to an effortless interaction with MARK5. Then we provide customers with the best email experience, and users will benefit even more.

My vision for Nordic IT in 2017 will be to focus more on our customer’s needs. I want to make sure that all of our clients, from daily users to the IT departments, are provided with the best possible platform on their hands. There is nothing more stressful than having an application or a software that is not intuitive, up to date or working properly. To increase the customer satisfaction, we must provide our customers with more services than our email platform. Providing an email platform automatically includes security and high awareness of the threats that currently occurs online. We must make sure our customers feel more confident and secure when handling the services that we provide.

My vision for 2017 is to expand Nordic IT’s presence around the world to offer local support in areas with a high concentration of clients. Today we have offices in Denmark, Russia, Dubai, Shanghai, Norway and Singapore. But to cover the major shipping locations we need to expand. We just opened a branch in the UK, and we have more locations in the pipeline. I believe a better relationship with customers is the foundation for everything and local presence will help give better customer service and thus enhance our partnerships. This way, we will build relationships that last many years into the future.

As part of the development team in Nordic IT, my vision for 2017 is to improve the user interface of MARK5. I think it is important to constantly be aware and focused on how our users interact with the system. They must at all time be presented to the data in the most intuitive way. To give our customers an even better experience with MARK5, we have spent a lot of time in 2016 working on customer satisfaction by improving and maintaining the stability of the system. This is something we will definitely keep focusing on as well as improving the user interface in close collaboration with the designers.

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