Top 8 Tech Trends of 2017

Technology is growing with lightning speed and it is hovering around us like never before. If you are ready and want to get ahead of 2017, we here hand you some of the tech trends that we believe will be dominating in 2017 and the years ahead.

Wearable technology and smart devices:

During the year 2017, we will see much more smart devices and innovative wearable technology, similar to Apple iWatch, Google Glass and Moto 360. This is said to change the landscape of local marketing, since smart devices can be worn on-the-go and keep people connected with the digital world.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new technology, but it is allowing businesses to move towards solutions that understand, adapt, learn and operate autonomously. Soon, machines will be able to learn and adapt to their environments. AI, further develops computers to perform actions normally done by people. This include recognizing speech, problem solving, planning and the ability to manipulate and move objects. AI is said to become one of the most disruptive forces in the IT world.

The Internet of Things:

The Internet of Things, also known as IoT, refers to devices that collect and transmit data over the internet. The devices can be cell phones, coffee makers, washing machines, lamps – almost every device you can think of with an on and off switch can be a part of the IoT. The IoT will become a giant network, that will manage the connection of these devices. The IoT network will grow to connect people and devices together. Devices will also be connected to other devices and years ahead there will be over 26 billion connected devices.

Mobile device dominate:

Four out of five smartphone users use their phones to shop, which makes customers almost completely mobile. Also, the global workforce is becoming increasingly mobile by working more and more from home. Mobility has only begun to gain traction, advancing in every aspect ranging from mobile storage for work-from-home employees to advanced security.

Digital Twin:

A digital twin is a digital software that integrates data from many different products or assets. With todays increased computing power and connectivity, it has become possible for companies to virtualize tasks by creating clone based virtual images of an asset or a product. This is also not a new era of technology, but it is only now that it is trending within companies, because with digital twin, all data and analyses of products or assets are available at any time through cloud-based platforms. The digital twin is a concept that will improve information management and collaboration, where experts can work together, preventing costly mistakes and rework.

Conversational systems:

In the near future, many users will find most of their computer work managed by voice, such as speaking to systems and the system speaking back, just like Siri. Newer digital systems enable computer systems to use tools like chatbots to initiate the conversational interaction with humans instead of personal support. This chatbot craze is also letting users interact with all sorts of apps by texting. It has been said, the phenomenon has just started, because in the future, users will not just be texting to apps or speaking to devices, who will do tasks for us. One day, all of our intelligent objects will have some form of conversational interface.


Hacking is here to stay and it will evolve further in 2017. What is clear is that data has value, and hackers will attack businesses to try to get that data. Hackers, as well as companies, are also using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to make their methods more effective. So, in the coming year, we will see AI implemented in company strategies to help uncover problems and take steps to protect data. This cybersecurity trend will keep growing over the coming years and the concept of cybersecurity will continue its progress and improve online purchasing decisions.

Everything on-demand:

People are getting used to having everything on demand via phone apps. The apps let people get what ever they want in near real time. In 2017, this will develop even further and brands like Uber, services like food deliveries and places to stay at night will be overtaken by even more innovative solutions. This tech trend also fits the increasing demand to win people’s time and attention these days. More and more people are working longer hours than ever, and they are finding ways to fill out time and want to use services to cope with all of that.

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