Wagenborg Shipping, Trithorn Bulk and Eastern Bulk favour MARK5 for faster business operations

Throughout the last few months, we have with great excitement onboarded and welcomed more users to MARK5. Wagenborg Shipping, Eastern Bulk and Trithorn Bulk are among our new clients who desired to improve and effectuate their maritime email communications in order to ensure faster and thereby more efficient workflows. A fast and frictionless email solution that supports the needs of maritime email users are core elements in MARK5, which is why the following reveals how MARK5 has become an important part of Wagenborg Shipping, Trithorn Bulk and Eastern Bulk’s business practices by supporting faster business operations.


A need for higher email handling speed

A high volume of emails, slow systems, inefficient communication and difficulties keeping track of all emails across branch offices are among the common issues that many maritime email users experience. One of the main elements that differentiate and sets MARK5 apart from other email solutions, is how MARK5’s different functionality can help users work faster across multiple areas and levels of their organisation by offering efficiency in workflows and optimizing processes. This is done, among other things, through automation and effective search functions that result in better performance and optimisation of time spent on handling high email volumes on a daily basis. On a more strategic level, one could say that MARK5 can help open up new market opportunities by providing businesses and email users faster communication and better collaboration possibilities between business units and individual email users.


Efficiency across multiple areas

Wagenborg Shipping is a large international shipping company that operates a modern fleet of 173 vessels around the globe. When communicating with their customers and vessels, speediness is important in order to obtain and maintain efficient business practices. Therefore, a smart email system like MARK5 has become an essential tool for Wagenborg Shipping when communicating internally and to the market: “MARK5’s speediness drives efficiency across multiple areas of our organisation. With MARK5 we are able to achieve faster business operations and communication with our vessels and our customers, which ultimately gives us a better overview of our business.” says Koos Zumkehr, Director of Chartering at Wagenborg Shipping.


The possibility for automated processes on a daily basis

Additionally, in a maritime company like Trithorn Bulk, who also receives and handles a lot of important emails every day, employees need a solution that can help them keep an overview of all emails in order to maintain a well-organized and fast workflow on a daily basis. “Filter view and filing are crucial MARK5 functionalities that enable us to work faster. We need to quickly obtain a complete overview of emails, and therefore the possibility to automate processes in regards to email management is vital to stay efficient. MARK5 does this impeccably”, says Frederik Weitemeyer, Senior Operations Manager at Trithorn Bulk. Furthermore, Eastern Bulk empathizes how MARK5’s overall speed supports their everyday business operations: “MARK5 is a very suitable product for us when it comes to our general maritime communications. We experience faster day-to-day interactions which is a value MARK5 provides us with every day” says Finn Mohn, Chartering Director Atlantic at Eastern Bulk.


Speed in handling emails is an important differentiator in MARK5. Which is why we are delighted that both Wagenborg Shipping, Eastern Bulk and Trithorn Bulk have chosen MARK5 to support their business operations. We are pleased that we are able to accommodate their needs through an efficient and fast running email solution like MARK5, and in this way help them to reach their business goals. The new collaborations and business opportunities are very exciting, and we look forward to a continuing partnership with Wagenborg Shipping, Trithorn Bulk and Eastern Bulk.

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