What does GDPR mean to your personal data? – a GIF story

GDPR has been a frequent term in your inbox – but that do not necessarily mean that you are aware of what is mean to your personal data. This is your guide to GDPR – told in GIFs.


During the past weeks you’ve probably received what feels like 1000 emails regarding GDPR… 


You might feel confused: Why do you even get these emails? And why are they important to you? 


Just keep calm – we’ll enlighten you.


You are swimming in emails because of GDPR: A new EU data policy that aims to protect citizens’ personal data.


In GDPR’s definition personal data refers to any form of information related to a person – name, pictures, email adresses, bank information, locations, social media posts, health information and IP-adresses. 


But what does that mean for you and your data? 


It means that you have to give your consent before companies can process your personal data.


So now, your role as a user has become more active as you have to give your acceptance before your data will be gathered. 


If you withdraw your consent, companies can no longer use your personal data. 


You also have the right to get your personal data deleted from a company’s database – and become a ghost. 


You are free to deny for your data to be used for data processing. If you do so, your data will be kept, but not processed. 


And if a data breach sadly has occurred, both you and the national data protection authority will be informed within 72 hours. 


You probably often receive newsletters and marketing materials in you inbox – by unsubscribing, you can get the use of your data stopped. 


We hope this has helped you understand your booming inbox and what GDPR means to your personal data. Data safety sure is sexy.


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