When users experience reMARK for the first time in GIFs

What happens when maritime users go from a regular email system to a system that is developed to fit the needs of the maritime industry? 


When users experience reMARK for the first time, a whole new world opens up to them


Usually, users come from an ordinary email system


Which is not in any way fitted to the needs of email users the maritime industy


Here is what you will feel when switching to reMARK:


The first time you open up reMARK it can feel a bit overwhelming


But you will soon realize that the user guides will help you find your way around the system


And once you have gotten friendly with reMARK, you will experience all the useful features


All tailored for the needs of the maritime industry to optimize your workflow


All of the sudden you have a complete overview of your teams’ actions, and you will never reply to an email that has already been replied to by a team member 


You will never have to sit and wait while you search for a specific email – it is found in a split second


And you can setup filters suited to your personal needs


So now, what are you waiting for? Get reMARK today

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