Why reMARK Is The Best Collaborative Email Software For Your Business Team

reMARK’s Best Collaborative Business Features

Having an effective collaborative email software is the key to unlocking productivity in the maritime industry.  Communication is of the utmost importance, and as your inboxes are filled with endless amounts of emails day after day, we’ve all come to the conclusion that there is software that is much better suited to organize and distribute this information. 

A good collaborative email software enables the sharing, processing, and management of data, documents, and various files between your team members, however a great email software like reMARK, goes beyond that. While traditional email softwares serve your generic business needs, reMARK serves your more specific high-level industry needs.

A shared inbox that your entire team has access to is quicker, requires less space, and is just the initial starting point of reMARK’s capabilities. Some of our favorite team features include:

Team Overview Functions Increases Visibility

When your team uses reMARK, you will always be able to see what work has been carried out by various team members at any given time, no matter where you or they are. reMARK’s Team Overview functions are some of the most useful features, as they give you the easiest access to see who has replied to an email at the click of a button. This feature also allows you to easily see where information and emails have been filed to, and saves you the time of having to dig through inboxes and outgoing email threads.

Comments & Ready-By Statuses Improve Overall Communication

reMARK allows each team member to make comments about an e-mail for everyone to see. Comments are made available whenever you are looking at an email, whether that be in the filing view or inbox view. 

reMARK’s shared inboxes also have an individual read-by status feature at the bottom of the body of every email, that will show the initials of each team member that read that specific email. This feature allows users to quickly find where each team member reached in the queue of emails, which in turn makes it easier to distinguish between what has been done and what still needs to be taken care of.

To-Do Lists Promote Accountability

reMARK gives each internal team member the opportunity to create a to-do list with everything that they need to take care of throughout the day. These to-do lists are collaborative in that they can very easily be shared with your colleagues and team members to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. Tasks can also be copied to fellow team members to-do lists for optimal collaboration efforts. reMARK also makes to-do lists available for use offline on the reMARK app, so that your team can stay productive and have easy access to their work while on the go. 

Benefits of reMARK

When you come aboard Nordic IT, you get to reap the benefits of reMARK as the best collaborative email software for your business which include:

  • Reduction in time spent tracking down internal information that got lost in somebody’s inbox.
  • Helps prevent important information from falling through the cracks and being missed entirely.
  • Overall project management is improved as visibility and communication are increased.
  • Client-customer relationship are improved as communication becomes quicker and more effective
  • Your team stays productive even while they are out of the office. As reMARK gives you access to your emails offline, you are never caught out of the loop.

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