Congratulations to the winner of our reMARK launch competition

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Jonas Nissen from BW Dry Cargo is the lucky winner of our reMARK launch competition.

Jonas gave the best testimonial on his favourite reMARK feature: The mobile functionality. 

Jonas is the winner of an entire day of free IT consultancy with one of our service technicians.

Nordic IT is ready to present a new email system for the maritime industry

email maritime industry

On February 22nd, Nordic IT launches the new email system reMARK: a redesign and a new interpretation of Nordic IT’s previous email system MARK5. The goal of the new design is thus to optimize the user interface and thereby give maritime email users the best working conditions.

On Friday, February 22nd, 2019, Nordic IT launches the latest version of the email system MARK5, which from now on will appear under the name reMARK. reMARK is an updated version of Nordic IT’s former email system MARK5, which minimises the daily resources maritime companies use on high-volume email handling. This system allows users to automate email filtering, makes work across teams easier and provides an advanced search function that enables extremely fast retrieval of older emails. With the new reMARK, Nordic IT offers existing and potential new clients an email system that not only effectuates handling of high-volume emails but is largely based on a user interface that makes it easy and simple for users to handle large amounts of emails.

User experience plays a significant factor in reMARK
In the development of reMARK, focus has therefore been to optimize the interface by making the end user’s experience more intuitive and easier to understand. “In the new reMARK, we have prioritized the user experience. The system’s interface has therefore undergone a transformation where the focus has been on streamlining the user interface, so users are immediately interacting with the exact functionality they need. By combining the underlying core technology from MARK5 with the new user interface in reMARK, businesses achieve optimal utilisation of the product which enables users to learn the system faster and easily handle large amounts of emails on a daily basis.” says Linnea Birk, CMO at Nordic IT.

Learn more about reMARK here

Join us for the launch of reMARK


The official reMARK launch
For some time we have been working on a redesign of MARK5 and it is with great pride that we present our new email system: reMARK. We feel like celebrating, therefore we would like to invite you to the official launch party of reMARK on February 22nd, 2019 for drinks and burgers while you get to know reMARK better. The first 50 guests will get a goodiebag.

February 22nd, 2019

15.30: Doors open (Drinks and burgers are served)
16.30: Presentation of reMARK

At Nordic IT’s headquarters on Tuborg Boulevard 12 in Hellerup

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

image of fireworks

2019 is just around the corner which is why we would like to thank all of our clients for successful collaborations throughout the year, and we look forward to continuing partnerships in 2019!

2018 has been a year of great achievements and exciting projects in Nordic IT since MARK5 has been redesigned and transformed into reMARK. Stay tuned to experience reMARK in the new year.

We wish you all a happy holiday season!

Nordic IT wins “Most Interactive Stand” at Breakbulk Europe 2018

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Last week we exhibited at Breakbulk Europe 2018 in Bremen. We had a great exhibition and were granted the prize for “Most Interactive Stand”.  We are very honored by the award and hope many customers got the chance to enjoy our Las Vegas themed stand where visitors could gamble and have fun between business meetings.

We would like to thank everyone, who stopped by. We had the pleasure of saying hello to many of our customers as well as new acquaintances.

See you again next year.

Nordic IT implements MARK5 at maritime businesses around the world. Olam International LLC and Bahri Dry Bulk & Bahri Chemical are among the new customers

New MARK5 customers feature image

During the last year, Nordic IT has had an extensive international focus to aim wider and reach maritime businesses all over the world with the email solution MARK5. This has resulted in signed agreements with companies from very different locations – ranging from Dubai and Singapore to as far as Melbourne, India, Monaco and soon also South Africa. Among the new customers are Olam International LLC, Bahri Dry Bulk & Bahri Chemical, Al Ghurair Resources International LLC, Delta Carriers Monaco SARL and Uni Tankers, making 2017 a year where MARK5 reached global shipping companies from different parts of the world extensively.

New expanded market focus

Nordic IT’s primary markets has usually been close to the Headquarters in Denmark, with most installations in Northern Europe, Germany or the UK. But, a new and more global approach has resulted in new customers from more foreign markets: “Lately, we have expanded our markets, and we have used extensive recourses to reach companies further from home. One of our strategies has been online presence, which has resulted in requests from other parts of the world than we usually sell to”, says Lars Hansen, CEO at Nordic IT.

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Improved collaboration across offices

One of the new customers is Olam International, the third-largest agri-business in the world, operating in 70 countries: We were looking for an e-mail system that would make it easier for our users to collaborate between offices located in different time zones. Before, we had local installations filling up workstations, making it a daunting task to try and maintain, without losing any data in the process. We found MARK5 online and were impressed by the way it handles the same issues – so far, we are very happy with the results” says Andrew Lindsay Brown, IT Infrastructure Administrator at Olam International LLC.

One of MARK5’s advantages is, that users can collaborate in teams across locations easily and efficiently without any time or data loss – Something that made Olam International LLC choose MARK5 for emails. So far, MARK5 has been installed at Olam International LLC’s offices in Singapore and Melbourne, and soon the South Africa office will follow – optimising the collaboration between locations in the future.

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Fast search and easy categorisation of emails

Another new customer, is Bahri Dry Bulk and Bahri Chemical. Bahri is one of the largest providers of maritime services globally, who bought MARK5 already in late 2016. But, during 2017 more users were added because of the great result among users. Bahri needed an email solution with a good search and where categorising of emails was possible: “With MARK5, we now have a very fast search and at the same time it is easy to categorise“, says Pawel Cegielski, Senior Vessel Operator at Bahri, Dubai. Bahri Dry Bulk & Bahri Chemical uses MARK5 in offices in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

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A more global future

With so many different parts of the world using MARK5, it will definitely be a priority to keep the increased global focus in 2018, where Nordic IT will expand in both Dubai and Singapore at the local offices. “We intent to keep expanding our business in new parts of the world, where we will prioritise both The Middle East and Asia more than earlier. At the same time, we will keep focussing on online exposure to make sure, maritime businesses from all over the world are aware of MARK5´s email management features tailored for the maritime business” Lars Hansen explains.

2017 in Nordic IT

2017 nordic calendar

Soon, 2017 have passed and 2018 will be our new reality. But before that happens, let us look back upon a year of great experiences: We launched our new Android app, moved office space and expanded our hosting activities. Here we provide you with an insight into the highlights from 2017 in Nordic IT:

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Launch of the MARK5 Android app

After some start-up trouble we launched our new MARK5 Android app in the late spring of 2017 providing Android users the same easy access to MARK5 through mobile phones as iPhone users have had for some years now. The Android app was a natural addition to the MARK5 development, and the app has been heavily requested by a number of Android users. So it is great that we now provide both iOS and Android users MARK5 access through their mobile phones.
With the launch, we also added the MARK5 search in both the iOS and the Android version, meaning that users now have a quick way to relocate emails through mobile also.


New office space at Tuborg Harbour

In March, we moved our headquarter from Kgs. Lyngby to Tuborg Harbour in the northern part of Copenhagen, Denmark. Now, we enjoy the ocean view, being close to many of our Danish customers and the option to stop by customers anytime.



Since 2015, we have focused more and more on delivering a hosted solution to our customers, and this year many customers chose hosting of MARK5 instead of a server solution. A hosted solution is a great opportunity for companies without an IT Department to outsource and get MARK5 hosted externally. Today we have 26 customers on hosting and in 2017 the following customers chose a hosted solution from us: H. Folmer, Eastgate, BW Dry Cargo, AntibioTx, Wind Shipping, Otto Danielsen, Dservice, Wonsild, TSL, Njord Chart and BaltNav. We would like to welcome all of you to hosting, and we intend to focus even more on providing professional hosting solutions in the future.

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 New MARK5 customers

This year, we have had the pleasure of quite a few new customers, who have chosen MARK5 for emails. In this regard, we would like to welcome the following companies to MARK5: BaltNav, Bahri Bulk, Bahri Chemicals, BW Pacific, CanforNav, Celcius Shipping, Dservice, Euro Nordic Logistics, Fortuna Seaside Bulk Carriers, Gibson Shipbrokers, Interlink Maritime Corp, Kvarner Chartering & Logistics, Njord Chart, Navitramp Freight Agency, Prime Transport, Probulk Chartering, Reliance, Transmarine Navigation, United Maritime Logistics and Winning Alliance. We hope you enjoy MARK5 and look forward to working with all of you in the years to come.

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London based Gibson Shipbrokers chooses MARK5 for emails

Gibson Shipbrokers

Lars Hansen

CEO – Nordic IT

Nordic IT just signed an agreement with Gibson Shipbrokers in London to roll-out MARK5 to 160 employees at all Gibson offices worldwide. After roll-out, MARK5 will be employees’ daily email system and primary communication tool.

Since new year, Nordic IT has focused significantly on the english market – a strategy that includes a newly opened office in London with the purpose of improving local presence and increasing the number of clients in the area. “Because of our strategic focus on the english market, it is certainly a big win for us to get the opportunity to implement MARK5 at a broker house of Gibson’s size. This certainly improves our chances of local expansion” says Lars Hansen, CEO at Nordic IT.

In general, Gibson’s decision to use MARK5 for emails comes from a wish to improve productivity in the organisation. But, specifically the MARK5 app has had big influence on the final decision. Due to widely spread locations in London, Houston, Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong and Seoul, it is critical for productivity that employees can work with email from mobile devices from changing locations around the world. Therefore, mobile access through an app has been one of the convincing arguments to buy MARK5.

MARK5 will be implemented at Gibson during fall 2017, and Nordic IT will use this opportunity to provide new and existing clients in London on-side visits.

Follow this link if you would like to know more about Gibson Shipbrokers:

Thank you for a great exhibition at Breakbulk Europe

Once again – Thank you for a great exhibition at Breakbulk Europe 2017. During the two exhibition days, we enjoyed meeting and talking to a lot of exciting people – making it our top priority to make sure no one left our stand without a prize in their hands. During the exhibition days, we had six competitions with prizes like iPads and Apple watches.

In addition, we had the pleasure of having our partner from W.T International by our side at the stand. This was indeed a great opportunity to develop our connection and join forces to spread the word about MARK5 to new and interested visitors.

We would once again like to say thank you for all visits, talks and meetings. We hope you all enjoyed the exhibition just as much as we did.

See you all again next year in Bremen.

Nordic IT Denmark has moved 

[vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1561380688436{padding-right: 20px !important;padding-left: 20px !important;background-color: #ccc2b2 !important;}”][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]After 5 years at Maglebjergvej in Lundtofte, we are thrilled to announce that Nordic IT has moved our headquarters to Tuborg Boulevard in Hellerup near Copenhagen. Here we occupy a new modern office environment near the Waterfront.

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