2016 at Nordic IT in highlights

2016 is coming to an end. At Nordic IT, 2016 became the year we sat out to improve customer satisfaction. We had a common vision to get more satisfied customers. Looking back, our vision payed off: We focused the year to make improvements, and we hope they benefitted you as well. Here are some of the highlights from the year:

Control of app situation

A great place to start to improve customer satisfaction is of course to make sure users are pleased with the product.
In 2015, we launched the MARK5 iPhone app. Unfortunately, the app came with some start-up issues, that we managed to sort out during 2016. We are glad that the iPhone app is working well now, and that we managed to get the app to suit our customers’ demands through 2016. Also, in 2017 we will launch a new and improved version of the Android app that we hope will make Android users satisfied as well.

New branch in London

Part of our plan to improve customer satisfaction included an increase in local presence at locations with a high representation of customers. Over the last couple of years, we have seen a significant growth in UK based customers. As a result, we have opened a new branch in London, and throughout 2017 we will keep expanding our presence in the area.


A new business direction of Nordic IT’s 2016 has been “Hosting”. During the last couple of years, we have seen a demand from customers to get their IT hosted externally, so they do not have to storage IT in-house. This way, the need for a server disappears, which appeals to some MARK5 users. This demand has resulted in our decision to start offering our customers to host MARK5. We would like to welcome the following clients to our hosting: Altair, Chartering & Freight Services, Centurion Bulk, Iversen & Jacobsen and Aras.

New customers

Again this year, many new companies have chosen to join the MARK5 platform. So, we would like to welcome the following companies to MARK5: TKB Shipping, Iversen & Jacobsen, Weco Shipping, Nordic Tankers Trading, Danbrit, Victory Shipping & Agency, Anglo Carribean, Chandris Helleas, Peak Shipping, Interscan Schiffartsgesselschaft, Rickmers Holding, Zeaborn GmBH & Co, Peter Döehle Schiffarts, A.M. Nomikos & Son, SCR – Sibelco NV, Wagenborg Shipping, Mylaki Shipping Agency, Ultragroup, Swiss Singapore Overseas, M-Ship Chartering, Chandris, Bahri, Eagle Shipping International, Fearnleys AS, Concord Energy, Hong Kong Ming Wah Shipping, JohnAsia Shipping and Omegra Shipping. We are excited to have so many new users and we look forward to helping you work better with email in many years to come.

Organizational change

For many years, Head of Sales Nils Andersen has been our frontrunner in most sales matters. However, in the autumn of 2016, he left the company and our sales department is now run by our CEO, Lars Hansen, who will also be leading our sales activities during 2017. Nils Andersen has been a major part of the company, and he has had a great impact on the positive development, we have experienced at since the launch of MARK5. We all wish him good luck with his new projects.

We won a prize

Things turned out beyond all expectations, when we won the prize as “Most Interactive” for our stand design at the 2016’s Breakbulk Antwerp event. We worked really hard to make sure our visitors got a special experience at our stand, so it was a great honor to get the prize as recognition for our efforts. We are still really glad and proud of receiving the prize, we had a great time, and we hope to meet many of you again next year at Breakbulk Europe 2017 in Antwerp, where we have planned something brand new and exciting for our visitors.

New Partners

2016 has also been a year of new partnerships. Going forward, Auckland Micro in London and WT. International B.V. in Holland will be part of the MARK5 team, and both companies will help us get MARK5 out in the market. We look forward to working together with both agents in the future.
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