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reMARK On-Premises is a managed service offering for our collaborative email solution. Receive unparalleled support from experts that understand the unique needs of your maritime shipping business.


Our on-premise managed service gives your org the same email collaboration power with low costs.

Improving Operational Efficiency & Streamlining Email Communication

The on-premises version of Nordic IT’s collaborative email solution, reMARK, helps streamline and improve the communication of maritime shipping companies by reducing administrative and support costs.

The streamlined communication features that come with reMARK make it easier for maritime companies to stay connected and manage tasks more efficiently. 

Smarter Shipping Operations Facilitated by Our Team of Experts

Nordic IT provides unparalleled services and expertise when it comes to managing complex systems related to shipping operations. Our On-Premises solution is designed to take the hassle out of managing complex systems, no matter how large or small your organization is.

With our help, you can ensure a smooth transition with support for tons of users and all the resources you need for successful maritime shipping communication.

Our managed service offering includes services such as:





SSO with Azure AD For Easy Sign On From Any Device

Experience Seamless Implementation of Our
On-Premises Solution

We recognize the importance of a timely and detailed implementation process in order for a smooth transition to occur. That’s why we take all the necessary steps to ensure a seamless deployment.

Our team of experts will begin by developing a thorough implementation plan tailored to your specific needs and guidelines. Additionally, we evaluate your legacy system connections prior to implementation so nothing falls through the cracks.

Focus On Business Critical Operations - Not Upkeep & Maintenance

When it comes to maritime shipping operations, we understand that time is of the essence and businesses should never have to sacrifice their focus on their core operations for upkeep or maintenance.

Our team will ensure that your business will realize immediate benefits from all of the latest features available with reMARK as well as timely updates and system improvements. Now, your shipping company can take full advantage of the latest feature enhancements in order to stay competitive in today’s changing market landscape.  


Nordic IT: Your Dedicated Partner When It Comes to Maritime Shipping Solutions

With years of experience in providing software solutions to maritime shipping businesses, Nordic IT offers a comprehensive set of services that offer exceptional value when it comes to collaborative email solutions for shipping companies worldwide. We strive to stay ahead of the technological curve so you can continue your success well into the future with our reliable and cost effective solutions. 


Our experts will ensure that reMARK is always up and running so businesses can focus on core operations. 

Decreased Expenses

By having an on-premises solution, we fit into your existing hardware and servers, reducing the time and costs associated with managing hardware and software. 

Collaborate From Anywhere

Our on-premises solution for reMARK is available as a desktop application as well as our mobile app. 

Secure Infrastructure

reMARK On-Premises allows your organization to be in full control of your environment, infrastructures and data while still taking advantage of all email features. 


Our team of industry-leading experts will help walk you through our powerful email solution and suggest solutions to help maximize your company’s success.

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