3 Features in MARK5 you do not want to miss out on

Do you ever feel your work day consists of to many routines? When working primarily from the same office, from the same computer and through the same IT-systems work days can easily become ruled by doing things the exact same way – something that obviously makes workers extremely efficient, because they know exactly how to perform well.

But rutine can also limit possibilities and keep us from trying new and improved ways – also when working with MARK5. Therefore, to avoid missing out of great non-routine functionality, we have decided to provide you with 3 features to help improve efficiency in the long run.


Clipboard+ is an extended version of a regular clipboard. Compared, clipboard+ keeps not just one – but an unlimited amount of text pieces in the clipboard at once, thus freeing users from going back and forward between copying and pasting. Users can copy everything on beforehand and only afterwards start to edit the text together from the copied text pieces.

Filter row

When working with a lot of emails it is nice to be able to find specific emails quickly. You can do this through filter row. Filter row can be found in the top of your email list. Simply fill in your search text and you will see the email list changing to show emails matching the search criteria. Filter row is a quick way to search for something and can be easier accessable than the actual search functionality, since users can search for emails directly from the interface. Note: Through filter row you can both include or exclude your search text.

Mail Merge

Do you send the same email out to many receivers? Then you will need this feature. Mail Merge can personalize automatic emails by adding all receivers’ names at once. Just create a mailing list and remember to enter the receiver’s name under attention. This will allow you to include a personal name when sending out to everyone at once. After you choose the mailing list in question, insert “attention” through mail merge and each email will be addressed by name to the specific receiver.

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