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  • Q&A with Support – User question 4

    QUESTION How do I place an object into my own Worktray and how do I place an object into my colleague's Worktray?     ANSWER Tap the keys Ctrl + W to place the message into your own Worktray. Tap the keys Ctrl + Y to place the message into one or more colleagues' Worktray.
  • If you are interested in B2B sales, we are looking for an Account Manager right now

    Har du ambitionen og lysten til at sælge software i en international IT-virksomhed? Har du evnen til at overbevise potentielle kunder om IT-løsningers værdi? Så vil vi glæde os til at høre fra dig.

  • Do you want to help offer great service to customers at Nordic IT? Join our service team.

    Kunne du tænke dig at hjælpe os med at forbedre vores kundeservice igennem IT support? Har du en ambitiøs målsætning om at levere fremragende service til kunder, og kunne du tænke dig at arbejde i en IT-virksomhed med support af softwareløsninger? Så vil vi glæde os til at høre fra dig.

  • Are you our new iOS/Android Software Developer?

    Do you have passion for Software Development? And would you like to be part of an ambitious development team and help change the standard of email software for mobile? Then we would like to hear from you.  

  • How to automatically filter emails

    Within large enterprises, big amounts of data come naturally. And with email being the primary tool of communication in business settings, it goes without saying, that inboxes that contain and receive 100’s of emails every day quickly can become a strain.

  • Can technology contribute to work-life balance?

    Technology has in many ways created new devices that enables us to communicate and work in a more efficient way. While there is a tendency to think that all of these new devices which surround us are blessings, there are also reasons to believe that the contrary may be true.

  • MARK5 feature of the month: Document Management

    Many MARK5 users appreciate the variety of email management features found in MARK5. But, most users are unaware of the many other useful and timesaving features in the system; one of them being Document Management. To make sure you do not miss out on something great, we have decided to provide you with a small…

  • Q&A with Support – User Question 3

    QUESTION How can I quickly insert an existing document into a newly created document? ANSWER In the editor, there is a button called Find and insert document. You can choose to insert a document from a reference number or from the Cabinet. If the document contains attachments, the attachments will be inserted as well.
  • 2017 in Nordic IT

    Soon, 2017 have passed and 2018 will be our new reality. But before that happens, let us look back upon a year of great experiences: We launched our new Android app, moved office space and expanded our hosting activities. Here we provide you with an insight into the highlights from 2017 in Nordic IT:

  • Top tech trends 2018

    2018 is approaching, which is why it is time to look forward and consider the new technologies that might hit us in 2018. This is also an opportunity for businesses to look into what new technologies might offer them.