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  • Maritime email users: How to accommodate their needs

    Compared to when the first email was sent in 1971, emails now feel less like a novelty and more like a necessity.

  • Mirela Omerspahic: how my 9-5 job allows me to reach my goals

    At Nordic IT we are a very diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds, responsibilities and areas of expertise. Read further to get an insight into how Mirela Omerspahic, Office Administrator at Nordic IT, balances her private life with her job at Nordic IT and her visions towards the future.

  • Are you looking for a job in IT? Join our Service team

    Kunne du tænke dig at hjælpe os med at forbedre vores kundeservice igennem IT support? Har du en ambitiøs målsætning om at levere fremragende service til kunder, og kunne du tænke dig at arbejde i en IT-virksomhed med support af softwareløsninger? Så vil vi glæde os til at høre fra dig.

  • Top 5 apps for your next business travel

    Business travels can be stressful – you are in a strange city and things are not like at home. Luckily, with new technologies and apps we can make even the most unknown city feel a bit more like home, keep up with our routines and find our way around.

  • Monday morning inbox – a GIF story

    Pool Lounging GIF from Pool GIFs You probably know the feeling: You've had a relaxing weekend away from work Wakeup Bed GIF from Wakeup GIFs And Monday morning comes as a shock Drag Kid GIF from Drag GIFs You drag yourself to work Youve Got Mail Tom Hanks GIF from Youvegotmail GIFs And open up…
  • How to search your inbox efficiently

    Searching and trying to retrieve emails, is often a very difficult and time consuming process. Especially, when searching in inboxes that consists of hundreds of emails, which is often the case in a maritime setup.

  • Top six Danish shipping news

    A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks in the maritime industry. In order to stay updated on industry relevant news, following are six shipping news topics which are currently trending in the Danish shipping industry.

  • Maritime email system

    How to filter high volume emails in the maritime industry

    There are many ways to organize an email inbox. In order to keep track of your emails it is important to automate some processes regarding email and inbox management. This is especially true for maritime businesses that receive a lot of emails every day.

  • Nordic IT’s history in GIFs

    Once upon a time in the early 80s three young men graduated from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). 2 GIF from Parksandrecreation GIFs They came up with a great idea! Donald Duck Money GIF from Money GIFs They figured out how to eliminate some of the communication steps between brokers around the world saving everyone…
  • New MARK5 customers

    Nordic IT implements MARK5 at maritime businesses around the world. Olam International LLC and Bahri Dry Bulk & Bahri Chemical are among the new customers

    During the last year, Nordic IT has had an extensive international focus to aim wider and reach maritime businesses all over the world with the email solution MARK5. This has resulted in signed agreements with companies from very different locations – ranging from Dubai and Singapore to as far as Melbourne, India, Monaco and soon…