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  • Digital kommunikationsmedarbejder til web og projektstyring

    Har du en god forståelse for digital kommunikation og projektledelse af marketingindsatser? Så er du måske vores barselsvikar. Til vores marketingsafdeling søger vi digital kommunikationsmedarbejder til et 11 måneders vikariat, der kan varetage vores hjemmeside samt hjælpe med forskelligartede kommunikations- og marketingsopgaver i vores marketingafdeling.

  • Congratulations to the winner of our reMARK launch competition

    Congratulations Jonas Nissen from BW Dry Cargo is the lucky winner of our reMARK launch competition. Jonas gave the best testimonial on his favourite reMARK feature: The mobile functionality.  Jonas is the winner of an entire day of free IT consultancy with one of our service technicians.  
  • Top 5 remarkable examples of user experience evolution

    In an ever-changing world of the Internet and digital trends, user experience design has evolved tremendously over the past couple of decades.

  • GIF: The history of user experience and how it has evolved over time

    The term user experience is a ever-changing field that dates all the way back to a few thousand years before Christ. Let us take a look at the past, understand the present and anticipate what will happen in the future to truly understand the history of user experience design.

  • Nordic IT is ready to present a new email system for the maritime industry

    On February 22nd, Nordic IT launches the new email system reMARK: a redesign and a new interpretation of Nordic IT’s previous email system MARK5. The goal of the new design is thus to optimize the user interface and thereby give maritime email users the best working conditions.

  • Join us for the launch of reMARK

    For some time we have been working on a redesign of MARK5 and it is with great pride that we present our new email system: reMARK. We feel like celebrating, therefore we would like to invite you to the official launch party of reMARK on February 22nd, 2019 for drinks and burgers while you get to know reMARK…

  • Software testing: Why user involvement is so critical in test of reMARK

    Have you ever gotten completely lost when navigating a piece of software? How did it make you feel? It was probably because of limited user design. Good user design in many cases is a deal breaker in order to compete in this digital age.

  • Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

    2019 is just around the corner which is why we would like to thank all of our clients for successful collaborations throughout the year, and we look forward to continuing partnerships in 2019! 2018 has been a year of great achievements and exciting projects in Nordic IT since MARK5 has been redesigned and transformed into…
  • Wagenborg Shipping, Trithorn Bulk and Eastern Bulk favour MARK5 for faster business operations

    Throughout the last few months, we have with great excitement onboarded and welcomed more users to MARK5. Wagenborg Shipping, Eastern Bulk and Trithorn Bulk are among our new clients who desired to improve and effectuate their maritime email communications in order to ensure faster and thereby more efficient workflows. A fast and frictionless email solution…

  • Har du en passion for PR og kommunikation? Bliv praktikant hos Nordic IT

    Søger du efter en praktikplads, hvor du kan tilføre nye kompetencer til dit CV og udfolde dine kommunikative evner? Hos Nordic IT søger vi praktikanter til udarbejdelse af pressemateriale og andre kommunikationsrelaterede opgaver.