Nordic IT is ready to present a new email system for the maritime industry

Nordic IT is ready to present a new email system for the maritime industry

On February 22nd, Nordic IT launches the new email system reMARK: a redesign and a new interpretation of Nordic IT’s previous email system MARK5. The goal of the new design is thus to optimize the user interface and thereby give maritime email users the best working conditions.

On Friday, February 22nd, 2019, Nordic IT launches the latest version of the email system MARK5, which from now on will appear under the name reMARK. reMARK is an updated version of Nordic IT’s former email system MARK5, which minimises the daily resources maritime companies use on high-volume email handling. This system allows users to automate email filtering, makes work across teams easier and provides an advanced search function that enables extremely fast retrieval of older emails. With the new reMARK, Nordic IT offers existing and potential new clients an email system that not only effectuates handling of high-volume emails but is largely based on a user interface that makes it easy and simple for users to handle large amounts of emails.

User experience plays a significant factor in reMARK
In the development of reMARK, focus has therefore been to optimize the interface by making the end user’s experience more intuitive and easier to understand. “In the new reMARK, we have prioritized the user experience. The system’s interface has therefore undergone a transformation where the focus has been on streamlining the user interface, so users are immediately interacting with the exact functionality they need. By combining the underlying core technology from MARK5 with the new user interface in reMARK, businesses achieve optimal utilisation of the product which enables users to learn the system faster and easily handle large amounts of emails on a daily basis.” says Linnea Birk, CMO at Nordic IT.

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