reMARK version 1.37 is Now Available!

We’ve launched several updates to make your reMARK experience even more secure, seamless and responsive. The iPhone App supports the new iOS version 14 and multi-factor authentication. 

Improved User Experience

The reMARK application now utilizes DirectX hardware acceleration, making it even more responsive. Drag and Drop processing has improved for Citrix users, allowing seamless file transfer to the hosted application. In addition, the transmit window improved for complex send scenarios. Also, the iPhone App supports the new iOS version 14.

New Communication Driver – MS Graph

MS Graph driver is now available! This utilizes the new API provided by Microsoft, making it more secure and easier to configure. It can be used with Office 365 accounts.

Modern Authentication (OAUTH) Support

Both EWS and MS Graph drivers now support token-based authentication (OAUTH) to Office365 which is more secure and easier to configure. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as well as App-based authentication approaches are supported. Customers using Office365 are recommended to switch to OAUTH because in 2021, Microsoft will stop supporting and fully decommission the Basic Authentication for EWS to access Office 365. 

Password Policies

Password policies are now there allowing to specify required age, complexity and max login attempts for user’s passwords.

“Gateway Beta” Signups Now Open

We have been working throughout 2020 to build out our Gateway project, and we are now accepting Beta testers for the product. Our gateway project allows customer desktop clients to connect to a web-based back end, without the need for middleware (Citrix/RDS). If you are interested in becoming a tester for the product, please let us know, and we will enroll you in the program that is launching in Q1 2021.

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