reMARK’s Latest Version Release: 1.53

Nordic IT is unveiling the latest version of our collaborative email platform, reMARK 1.53. Designed with efficiency in mind, this new version is packed with features to streamline your inter-organizational communication and enhance your operational productivity. Below are a few highlights of what you can expect from reMARK 1.53:

Webhook Rule Operations

The latest feat in the new release is the webhook rule operations. This feature allows you to execute customizable HTTP requests from rules, considerably augmenting the level of versatility and control in your hands. Imagine seamlessly connecting your communication platform with your existing web-based tools, services, or databases.

AI Feature Preview

reMARK 1.53 introduces an AI feature preview. With this, we’ve leveraged advanced AI technology to elevate your emailing experience. The upgrade brings ChatGPT’s intelligence to your fingertips for two specific scenarios.


First, it generates a summary for selected emails, allowing you to understand the gist of complex conversations without getting swamped in details.


Second, it’s your on-demand writing assistant, preparing reply text for emails to expedite your composition process drastically. Plus, it allows you to tailor the writing style (professional, neutral, or casual) to match your company’s tone.

Dynamic Template Changes

We’ve also upgraded the reMARK editor to dynamically change templates when the mailbox is changed. This is a transformative feature for teams that need different templates for different types of communication. It saves time, reduces confusion, and ensures consistency across numerous mailboxes.

New Changes to reMARK’s Calendar Feature

The list of calendars now displays each of them with its assigned color, providing a clear and organized view at a glance. Additionally, calendars can now only be synchronized from Office 365, ensuring seamless integration and consistency.

Users also have the newfound flexibility to choose which Office 365 calendars will have reminders within reMARK, allowing for greater control over their notifications. Alongside these updates, a set of smaller improvements and corrections have been implemented to further enhance the overall user experience of the Calendar module.

HTML Editor Improvements

reMARK’s latest version has enhanced the HTML editor to support popular features like mail merge and template variables, making bulk email personalization effortless. Such mail merge variables include Person Name, Company Name, and Attention. Meanwhile, the template variables allow users to be more efficient in writing emails in general by inserting data like reference numbers or information extracted directly from the Contacts module.

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Nordic IT’s reMARK 1.53 is set to propel your maritime shipping company forward. We are committed to making your email communication more intelligent, efficient, and flexible.

Cruise ahead with reMARK 1.53 and navigate your way to seamless collaboration and enhanced productivity.

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