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Nordic IT's reMARK solutions is packed with features like advanced search, filtering, team history, and more.
Nordic IT's reMARK solutions is packed with features like advanced search, filtering, team history, and more.
Nordic IT's reMARK solutions is packed with features like advanced search, filtering, team history, and more.

Robust Features That Support Maritime Shipping Success

reMARK contains various features designed to make email collaboration smarter, faster, and easier than ever. 

reMARK's collaborative email solution includes powerful email filters and categories so users can easily manage high volumes of emails

Email Filters & Categories

Organizing inboxes can be tedious, especially when it involves manual workflows, and can be an error-ridden process. Shipping companies across various sectors with a high daily email volume require an efficient email solution that ensures emails never fall through the cracks.

reMARK’s collaborative email solution includes powerful email filters and categories so users can easily manage high volumes of emails and prioritize important shipping information. Users can automate workflows and easily organize, categorize, and filter emails with minimal effort, making shipping operations a breeze. 


Effectively segment emails
Differentiate workflows between teams and even users
Easily assign categories and filters
Assign multiple filters to each email
Quickly refine inboxes & streamline the sorting process
Find any email, no matter how old it is
Continue working from mobile devices
Continue working when offline

Search Functionality

reMARK’s search feature is ideal for quickly retrieving emails from high-volume inboxes. Using advanced search capabilities, reMARK takes the guesswork out of email retrieval, eliminating the need to remember specific search terms to find what you’re looking for. As a result, users can easily access data without knowing precisely where it’s stored. reMARK’s search functionality also allows users to save preferred searches, use keywords from multiple fields, and narrow down searches using advanced Boolean search functions. 

reMARK's collaborative email solution includes a powerful search engine so users can easily manage high volumes of emails


Email addresses
Conversations between colleagues
Customer Inquiries
General email correspondence
reMARK's collaborative email solution includes an advanced folder system so users can easily manage high volumes of emails.


With reMARK’s email archiving and Smart Folders feature, companies can efficiently organize their email communication without wasting time and effort. This feature provides users with unlimited rules for auto-filtering emails into folders based on predetermined criteria. These features automatically file emails based on their contents, making the organizing process even more seamless. Containing the ability to link back to a live database, users can easily search through their entire email archive and gain full access to all stored data.

reMARK offers three types of folders that can organize and sort your emails. Folders are a quick way to organize, filter, and see what you need to see to build your daily workflows. The ultimate goal of folders is to include or exclude information that is important to each reMARK user. Folders can be for individual use and to share amongst your team. They are also in every reMARK module and have the exact same concept.

Folder Types

Standard Folders

This is a normal folder that is great for static storage of notes and emails. Standard folders have no defined filter criteria.

Smart Folders

Smart folders are rule-based folders that allow you to set up predefined conditions that continuously filter emails into the folder.

Search Folders

This folder type searches the database and quickly displays the results in an intuitive way. Search Folders can be used for predefined searches that you often use or to create views with only emails that are important to you.

Short Keys

Maritime shipping companies require efficient and streamlined workflows for operational continuity. Fortunately, reMARK includes Short Keys that allow for user-friendly shortcuts. Our Short Keys feature helps you navigate the system quickly and precisely, saving valuable time.

This feature simplifies workflow-specific functions and allows users to customize their shortcuts for greater accuracy. So whether you’re coordinating shipment information or managing customer communications, using the Short Keys feature helps to enhance overall efficiency and productivity.

reMARK's collaborative email solution includes quick short keys so users can easily manage high volumes of emails


Quickly search for specific emails
Switch between views
Assign categories
File emails


reMARK's collaborative email solution includes team member activity tracking and commenting so users can easily manage high volumes of emails.

Team Overview

Team Overview is a collaborative email tool within reMARK that allows users to get a chronological view of actions taken on an email and can configure the email solution to show the type of actions happening. By doing this, team members have complete visibility of actions taken by others and can avoid duplication of tasks. This helps everyone stay updated on every action taken by another teammate, leading to more efficient communication and teamwork. 

Users can switch between views using functions such as:


Open API

reMARK’s Open API empowers companies to streamline processes, track production performance, and collect pertinent data. Integrating seamlessly with your collaborative email solution, reMARK enables greater operational control while offering customized applications tailored to your shipping operation’s hyper-specific needs.

The Open API’s flexibility and extensibility allow your email solution to scale and adjust to ever-changing market demands while optimizing operational efficiency by identifying areas of process improvement. In turn, companies can reduce costs and streamline labor-intensive tasks.

reMARK's collaborative email solution includes an open API framework so users can easily manage high volumes of emails.

Our Open API allows users to:

Retrieve an email from another business system and post a draft in reMARK to edit and send
Augment metadata from reMARK emails from a voyage management system
Send invoices from voyage management systems via reMARK
reMARK's collaborative email solution includes vast integration capabilities so users can easily manage high volumes of emails.


Maximize the potential of your data with reMARK’s vast selection of integrations. Users can seamlessly transfer pertinent data between systems to enhance workflows while boosting efficiency. 

Our platform features various built-in integrations, including the following:

IMOS (VIP and on-premises)
Dynamics CRM


Mailing Lists & Mail Merge

reMARK’s Mailing Lists & Mail Merge feature lets maritime shipping companies efficiently manage and personalize email communication with customers, partners, and suppliers. Mailing Lists allow for easy organization and segmentation of recipients. At the same time, the mail merge feature also enables personalized mass communication, allowing users to personalize emails with dynamic content and images easily. This helps create a more personal touch to the communication sent to customers.

Email Templates

reMARK’s Email Templates feature provides a seamless way for companies to create consistent and professional email communications. This collaborative email tool is designed with a customizable template display that allows users to personalize their emails quickly and access them as needed.

Users can create a library catering to different purposes with no limits on the number of templates and adjust them accordingly to meet their communication needs. Regularly using email templates helps shipping companies ensure their messaging adheres to their brand’s language and style, increasing professionalism in the eyes of customers. Email templates also can include rich formatting and attachments. Templates are available on our mobile application for emailing from any location, even on the go.


reMARK’s Calendar is a valuable tool for maritime shipping companies seeking to optimize their scheduling. Including a user-friendly interface and viewing options like combined or separate views, reMARK’s Calendar is the perfect solution for collaborative email tool users to stay on top of their appointments. It enables the users to view the private and shared calendars, allowing them to manage their schedules seamlessly. Plus, with the quick search feature, users can easily find specific appointments and tasks.


reMARK’s Comments feature enables a more seamless communication experience by allowing users to make internal comments on email tasks, increasing visibility in terms of information exchange.

This feature facilitates interdepartmental communication, breaking down silos and streamlining workflows. With this intuitive tool, users can quickly exchange critical information without ever having to leave the system. It’s an efficient and productive solution that enhances team collaboration across shipping operations.

Contact Lists

reMARK’s Contact Lists module provides a streamlined way for companies to manage their email contact information. With the ability to add or remove addresses, seamlessly interact with our Mailing List module and Mail Merge feature, generate contacts based on email signatures, and more, this feature enables users to optimize their customer outreach and maintain timely communication.

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Mobile App

reMARK’s mobile app ensures that you can stay connected and productive on-the-go, providing access to essential features like advanced search capabilities, customizable templates, folders, shared inboxes, and your comprehensive email database – all available offline for uninterrupted use. With an intuitive design and user-friendly features, reMARK’s mobile app simplifies email management while allowing users to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Now, maritime communications are always just a tap away, ensuring you’re always in the loop, whether on land or at sea.

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