3 Reasons reMARK is Business Critical in the Shipping Industry

Over the last two years, every industry has come to realize that constant communication and connectivity are business-critical for successful operation, as well as customer and employee success.  Our modern, technologically advanced society is surrounded by many accessible, efficient, and convenient options for business communication platforms that include several features to accommodate virtual communication. 

While other business communication platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack exist now, email has and always will remain vital for every industry. Nearly everyone uses email and it continues to be one of the most efficient means of business communication, especially in the shipping industry. 

Maritime email software like Nordic IT’s reMARK provides shipping companies with a trusted and readily available form of non-intrusive communication. It is designed to aid in organization and serve as an efficient information sharing platform. It ensures reliable communications by innovating particular capabilities that facilitate the workflow within your company that generic email software may lack. 

Permanent and Organized

With the default storage settings, unless something is deliberately deleted by an admin, you can be sure that all emails are permanently available. Archiving helps you ensure that emails stay permanent. With reMARK, Maritime leaders get a new lease on their email life with an inbox that includes both shared and simplified folder structures. You can create ‘search folders’ in which associated keywords in new emails automatically redirect that email into the corresponding folder.

To differentiate search folders, reMARK gives you the ability to label and create categories for an organized setup. Our software also allows you to filter content under a specific subject and search through threads and information specific to you. This functionality, which is built into the application, allows users to set criteria for the type of content most vital to them so they’ll never miss an important email coming through.

reMARK’s capabilities allow you to address emails right in your inbox which avoids disorganization and an overwhelming plethora of incoming mail.

Transparency and Teamwork

In the maritime industry, clients, employees, and partners will more than likely be working across different time zones and may find it more difficult to collaborate or delegate as needed. Utilizing reMARK’s team overview to collaborate on email threads gives you the ability to leave internal notes, know who has read or replied to an email, and directly assign tasks to your team. 

Not only will you be able to assign tasks straight from an incoming email, but you can also track and follow up on the progress made. The tagging and to-do list features on reMARK improve the level of accountability in a maritime team. When a team takes accountability, collaborates effectively and has transparency, they are able to create fluid workflows and processes.

Now with the reMARK mobile app, your role in the organization can still remain active on the go. Browse through all your folders, inboxes, file to shared folders and to-do lists, send emails using your own templates and circulation lists, and search through every email you ever received – all from you mobile device. Even lets you reply to emails while offline, based on the emails stored in your most used folders and inboxes.

reMARK is the Future of Maritime Email 

reMARK makes collaboration simple yet efficient. The calendar feature allows you to access the availability in the integrated calendar of your team members to properly schedule meetings that work for everyone. These meetings can be made more contextual by attaching relevant email communication and files to the meeting link. 

With reMARK’s comprehensive toolbar, you can access several other functions including; mailing lists, emails, to-do lists, a full team overview, and more.

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