3 ways MARK5 can help you handle Big Data

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Over the last couple of years, the amount of data being stored, monitored and measured all over the world has increased enormously. The phenomenon is on everybody’s agenda and has been named Big Data in popular speech. The rising data amount is causing an increasing headache among IT managers: How to manage and store all of this information? This question of course also applies to email data. That is why it is highly relevant for companies, that deal with heavy amount of data, to consider better ways to manage and store data in a more efficient way.

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At Nordic IT we have a mission to offer customers a solution to handle Big Data in relation to email management. Our email system MARK5 sorts high volume email and in this article, we offer you 3 features from MARK5 that can help you handle, store and filter many emails on a daily basis.

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With MARK5 unique filtering options big amounts of data is kept in control by getting prioritised, organised and minimised continuously. Through automatic filtering, an unlimited amount of filters can be set up. This will make it much easier to gain complete overview of every incoming data, from mail to contacts and even appointments and different projects. This will stop you from using time on filing emails: There is no filing needed. Instead you get a more efficient workflow, that will allow you to spend time on what really matters: Your job!

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Has the big amount of data overrun you and are you in need of retrieving a lost piece of data? With MARK5’s search function you can find data in a split second, whether it is a mail, a specific message, an attachment or a contact. With the help of MARK5s highly detailed search criteria’s, anything can be found, fast, even though you have very limited information. In this way, despite high volume data, nothing gets lost, and retrieving data can be done quickly and in a much more productive way.

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Many might recognise the Big Data issue; storing. A high volume of data causes the need for increased storage space and there is simply not enough space to collect and restore all the incoming data as it grows day after day. However, this is less of a problem in MARK5. Instead of copying every single email, the system creates a link, thus using less space than traditional email systems because the email only needs storage space one time per email. This allows you to stop worrying about storage space, leaving you with one less concern.

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